Is Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed DLC Coming?

There is a lot of rumor and speculation that a new DLC update will be available for Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed this Wednesday. A Steam database entry earlier this month and forum posts this week are possibly confirming this.

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odinana071795d ago

Hopefully its true , cant wait

XboxFun1795d ago

Please! This game scratched my Mario Kart itch and Sega needs to support this game with more updates, patches, tracks and characters!

I hope this is true!

wonderfulmonkeyman1795d ago

That would be neat. It would give me a reason to play it again, and it might reinvigorate the match-making numbers on the Wii U version for a little while.

SugarSoSweet1795d ago

I hope it gets a new game on XBone and PS4

SaintAlpha1011795d ago

If this is true, I'm hoping for Toe-Jam and Earl as racers.
They were in high demand in the first All-Stars Racing, but the legal stuff surrounding them wasn't sorted till after the games release, so they have a chance, and with the Spaceship they have, they'd fit right in.
The All-Star move could be the ship flying fast using funk while they dance or the jar throwing from TJ&E 2.

I'd prefer them over Miku or that guy who drives the forklift in the first game.
Toe-Jam and Earl seem more like All-Stars.
Or Dynamite Headdy, that'd be my choice #2.