‘Madden NFL 25′ PS4 to PS3 Comparison

GoodGameBro writes, "One of the main reasons to look forward to a new console generation is the enhancements in graphics. We captured Madden NFL 25 screenshots on PS4 and PS3 to show off these differences. Here are images of Michael Vick, RGIII, Cam Newton, Marshawn Lynch, Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill."

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Enemy3892d ago

Nice job, EA. Looks like crap on both. They need to sit down and have a meaningful tech conversation with 2K Sports.

Xer0_SiN3891d ago

speaking of EA. i cant wait to see a dead space on ps4.

WeAreLegion3891d ago

Play Killzone: Shadow Fall. There's a Dead Space level. Lol. It's awesome.

FamilyGuy3891d ago

Lol wtf, I kinda like the look of the PS3 version better. They dun' fu**'d up.

Xer0_SiN3890d ago

wearelegion: i got shadowfall but i bought it just so i could play multiplayer. its awesome but its no kz2. thats not a bad thing though. just something i thought it would have been liked.

mixelon3891d ago

Lol. That's pretty terrible. A couple of new shaders and fractionally better AA.. "That'll do!"

No, it really won't. Embarrassing!

DrRobotnik3891d ago

There was no effort in making this game. EA sports division needs to be shut down.

RiPPn3891d ago

I believe the exclusivity expires after this NFL season, and I believe EA isn't interested in paying for it any longer, so maybe we will have some good football games again.

CaulkSlap3891d ago

That would be awesome. It was just sad when EA bought exclusivity to force out the superior NFL2k games. They were rapidly losing ground and decided to just buy the rights instead of actually competing. I haven't bought a football game since NFL2k1 on the Dreamcast for this very reason.

Sarcasm3891d ago

Man if 2K could pick up the license and make it similar to nba2k14, instant buy for me!

Kevin263853891d ago

It will be interesting to see what happens to the license next year. If 2K does get back in the game, it will take a long time to get it to the quality of NBA 2K14.

Outside_ofthe_Box3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Your right in that we shouldn't expect greatness from 2K for an NFL game right away given the fact that it's been nearly a decade since they made a football game.

But then again 2K's NFL games have been great from the day they started with their first NFL2K game they made back on the Dreamcast without any prior football games released.

Akuma2K3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

2K sports got everything right in NBA 2K14 on how a next gen sports game is supposed to play and look when it comes to truly representing a sport with realism and authenticity.....all this in their first year of next gen sports titles, yet EA sports has had 8 years to fix madden and finally turn things around in this first year of next gen sports titles but they fumbled the ball badly because madden25 next gen is nothing more than a graphical update with problems continuing with the physics and gameplay, no halftime or post game show (just to name a few things that's wrong with this game and the series as a whole).

I hope 2K get the license back, at least we'll know we'll be getting a football game that truly represents the NFL with all the features and bells whistles a next gen sports game is SUPPOSED to have.

Yodagamer3891d ago

Heck if 2k could pick up ncaa i'd be happy, i just want a 2k american football game.

Kevin263853891d ago

I doubt anyone will be picking up the NCAA anytime soon with all of the lawsuits.

Popoffboy1877183891d ago

I know 2k is so real on ps4. Ps4 run games with no problem, the menus the scale, sound on ps4 is amazing. Ps4 is the best console I touch so far. And the ds4 is amazing!!!