Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $110 2GB 7850, 240GB SSD

GamersNexus: "With the year fast coming to an end, and Black Friday approaching, sales have been more promising with each passing week. This week I found a cheap 23" monitor, 240GB SSD for $160, a video card on sale, and a case."

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ThanatosDMC1794d ago

I like articles like these as well as those that have "built a gaming PC for $500" or the like. Very informative.

ATiElite1794d ago

HD7850 for $110 NICE deal!

TedCruzsTaint1794d ago

Great performance to cost on that one.

Actually thinking about going for two of these for a second build I want to do for the downstairs.
Still not sure yet though.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1794d ago

$160! That's cheap! I bought an OCZ 90Gb SSD a year ago and on sale it was like $100

Nocando1794d ago

Running 2 HIS HD7850's and my rig takes everything I throw at it, couldnt be happier. Need a bigger monitor now.

sdozzo1794d ago

Damn I need it to have HDMI. Nice article though.

johny51794d ago

when I said you could build a gaming PC for as much as an Xbox one with games, accessories and would be more powerful and productive!