The Lost Promises of Shadow of the Colossus

USG - "Whenever a minor existential crisis causes me to rethink my continued pursuit of gaming as a hobby, I collect myself, sit down, and try to relive one of the many experiences that cemented my love for the medium in the first place."

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bunfighterii1797d ago

Best article I've read on here in a while. I'm actually looking forward to the coming generation, particularly PS4 because of the indie support for the system. Some of the most interesting games look to be those titles available on the PSN store.

Timmey1797d ago

I agree. But I think there is a lack of cool realistic designed games. i like it better when the art style is more between the lines than straight in your face. that is whats so special about SotC. all this art designed indie games are too obvious for my taste. i'd rather have some ruines to explore than have a cell shaded character doing some painting to finsh a level.