3DS Sales Hit Milestone in the US and Europe

"Nintendo's latest handheld, the 3DS, started off slow, however sales have skyrocketed since. The handheld has topped 10 million units sold in both the US and Europe in the same week, according to VGChartz.

The 3DS has sold 10,074,977 units in the US up until the week ending November 9. In Europe the 3DS has sold 10,029,415 units. The 3DS has also sold 13,719,781 units in Japan and 36,970,071 units worldwide."

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Venox20082713d ago

go nintendo, go 3ds and go wii u

trunkswd2713d ago

The 3DS has been on fire since Pokemon X/Y and the 2DS were released.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2713d ago

After reading your comment I ended up saying go-go-go gadet out loud haha

Moonman2713d ago

3DS will hit 40 million + by the new year easily.

trunkswd2713d ago

40 million no question. It will probably hit 42 million by the end of the year.

Moonman2713d ago

I agree, just being modest. ;p

NBT912713d ago

All it needed was games and the right marketing mix, I don't see how they let the WII U get so bad when they are selling 3DS like no one's business.

clouds52713d ago

Don't forget, the 3DS sold about as bad as the WiiU in its first year ;)

Imho, it's all about the marketing. And Nintendo is failing hard at it. All they ever target are the families and the casuals. They have a console that plays CoD and Mario. How you can fail at selling it is beyond me. I mean i have one and its fucking great. Love it. But they need to start telling people. Telling the gamers. Not moms at pottery barn, the need to advertise to gamers.

Blastoise2713d ago

The 3DS has had one heck of year.

Nothing but good news

Moncole2713d ago

And people say Nintendo is doomed.

trunkswd2713d ago

Everyone is doomed according to people. I've heard Nintendo is doomed, Sony is doomed and Microsoft is doomed a million times.

Nintendo is fine with how well the 3DS is selling. Sony is fine as the PS4 just had the biggest launch in gaming history. Microsoft will be fine with how well the Xbox One has been pre-ordered.