1,000,000 PS4 Units Sold in 24 Hours Give Much Needed Perspective to Reports of Bricked Consoles

Yesterday DualShockers wrote an article on how social social media gives users power to keep corporations on their toes, but take away perspective from the perception of reality, warping it negatively.

Today said perspective has been provided, with the news of 1,000,000 PS4 sold in 24 hours.

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DarkLordMalik1796d ago

The 0.4% figure was with respect to the Taco Bell PS4s. It doesn't apply to the launch PS4 figures. I am waiting for official new figure from Sony.

dedicatedtogamers1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

If 10,000 PS4s were bricked, it would certainly give the appearance of a "widespread problem" if your source of info is forum posters and Reddit threads.

But 10,000 bricked PS4's is a mere 1% of total consoles, well within the range of electronic failure rate, especially within launch window. By the way, I'm not saying 10,000 PS4s were bricked. I'm just pointing out that if 10,000 people with 10,000 bricked PS4s hit the internet, it certainly would make the problem look massive and widespread.

It's all about keeping an accurate perspective.

Certain people - even certain game journalists - are very, very desperate for Sony to have its own RRoD. Why? Other than blind fanboyism, I have no idea.

Abriael1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@dedicatedtogamers: for the journalists, it's very, very easy, and I can tell you as a writer.

Sony having its own RRoD is a BIG story, with the potential to create an enormous controversy that immediately translates in millions of pageviews, and millions of pageviews automatically translate into several thousands dollars (or more, depending of what kind of advertisement the site carries).

The reason why certain sites have a vested interest in create as much controversy as possible on this issue (and any other issue really) is self-explanatory.

Ketzicorn1796d ago

You made an excellent point now be sure to watch out for those stealth disagrees sure to follow.

MidnytRain1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Hits. Because creating relevant, quality content is too hard.

johndoe112111796d ago

I think it's more than blind fanboyism. There seems to be a very very distinct defense of all things xbox in this next gen battle by a lot of game journalists.

I'm sorry, I know I'll be coming across as a conspiracy theorists but I seriously think microsoft is spending a lot of money to see this happen.

It's not normal especially seeing how they were all so eager to give the ps3 the hard time it rightfully deserved at the start of last gen.

GribbleGrunger1796d ago

At last an article with perspective. Thank the Lord.

1796d ago
Abriael1796d ago

@Rabid_Tadpole: hopefully no company can pull that anymore.

tokugawa1796d ago

lol this is getting blown way out of proportion.

too many xbox fanboys overstating it and too many sony fanboys mindlessly rushing to the defense.

MorePowerOfGreen1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I thought first Dualshockers article was talking about not knowing the actual size of the problem in defence of PS4? Now that Sony supposedly sold a million people are comfortable the failed console number is small?

Nonsense. If that many people were on forums and comment sections plus people on Youtube etc. just imagine all the people that don't go running to social media with issues or people that have not opened the box yet. Amazon stop taking PS4's after Sony told them they had stopped supplying them.

Funny how I'm still getting Disagrees. I said PS4 was unstable back at gamescon.

Funny Abriael disagrees with me after he said it's just launch bugs and I said PS4 had issues several weeks ago.

Abriael1796d ago

Lol. I'd be quite curious if those that disagreed with my comment above seriously believe that the journos that are scrambling to report every malfunction they can find are really driven by genuine interest in informing :D

UltimateMaster1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Yet, there are already 1M people streaming online with their PS4.
What's funny is that no local retailer has any PS4 claims/returns while Amazon, mostly an online company, would get 30%?
That doesn't make any sense what-so-ever.
If it were to the level of the 360 RROD, local retailers would be talking about those massive amount of PS4 returns and they are not.

Xbox One fanboy will regret their trolling when their system is coming out the 22nd.

AgitatedOcelot1796d ago

It could be a 10% rate like the PS3 though and still be normal for a launch console. Which would be 100000 defects.

My guess is it's somewhere between 1 - 10% definitely not .4% just given the number of units involved and the fact that Foxcon was involved I expect higher than usual failure rates at first.

I expect the same for the Xbox but honestly wish them the best of luck. At any rate, 10k to 100k people with problems hitting social media and raging about it is going to look like a catastrophe even while being perfectly normal.

Abriael1796d ago

@FightingLemur: now now, let's not go overboard. 10% was after years of usage.

10% 3 days after launch would be horrible.

Obviously we're not even near to that, or we'd have 100,000 angry people shouting on the internet, and we don't.

abzdine1796d ago

minimum PS4s broken, under 1% of what is sold so that's pretty satisfying.
now they need to prepare for the EU launch to avoid every incident.

Greatness awaits!!

Mosiac771796d ago

GameStop at my location in Texas had 7 came back because DOA and they had 40 that they sold. My friend that works there just confirmed it with me. It will be a few weeks before everything is reveal.

devwan1796d ago

MorePowerOfGreen, you need to stop trying so hard. Just wait for your xbox one to arrive, hopefully it will work and you can then enjoy playing a few games as you really do need to take a break.

johndoe112111796d ago


EXACTLY!! I don't know why xbox supporters are being so vocal at this point in time.

The reality is the xbox one has been plagued with a lot more "issues" rumors than the ps4 leading up to their releases. Couple that with the fact that sony tends to have better less problematic launches that microsoft, I don't think they will have a 0% fail rate.

Even if it is small the fact is the xbox will have it's own issues when it's released next week. Those xbox vipers really need to wait and see how the one does before they start the ps4 FUD Campaign.

P0werVR1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


I highly doubt Microsoft will have any significant defects for the Xbox One. They went with a very sturdy and efficient design.

The only problematic launch Microsoft had was with the 360 and it was a poor designed box in the first place. This time around they've learned their lesson. As abraile has state above, it's no so much as Xbox fanboys but bad journalism for hits. It's controversy and what they live off of.

But I guarantee you that if this was the Xbox One, it will be much worst. This is NOTHING compared to Sony fanboys will do.

Heartnet1796d ago

but those 10k people are the ones being Vocal about it on the internet... What about the ones who arnt karma and upvote whores?

no1 knows the real number...

assdan1796d ago

Well, people want it bricked so it's like microsft's failure. But, when something fails people talk about it more than it works.

gigoran1795d ago

A few guys come out with faulty units. Microsoftck fanboys, gaming journalist (influenced by the money they get given by MS), and MSC themselves blow it out of proportion. They hope this will influence more MSC sales, but what these idiots don't understand is that faulty units will be replaced with functional units and everyone will still have their ps4s. What was the failure rate for the 360 again? 30%? 40% Wanna talk about big numbers don't look any further than your wonderful gaming company.

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Abriael1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

The 0.4% figure was with respect to early shipments, not just to the taco bell PS4s. Nowhere it mentioned Taco bell.

Unless you assume that early shipments were manufactured in completely different conditions than the rest (which is not exactly safe to assume), it still applies as a valid statistic until a different figure is given.

thekhurg1796d ago

Thank you for trying to keep a rational perspective on this entire fiasco. I feel terrible for the people that got a faulty console, but screaming the end of the world doesn't really do any good.

AndrewLB1796d ago

Please explain how on earth Sony could possibly know exactly how many PS4's have problems? That 0.4% estimate is about as wishful thinking as the chances of many of you fanboys getting laid this year. Sony wont have any idea as to the extent of the bricked systems until customers pickup the phone and raise bloody hell. What's truly hilarious is how many people immediately rushed out to defend Sony and their fictitious number whose sole purpose is to control the narrative.

Abriael1796d ago

@AndrewLB: it's a statistic born from how many support calls they get and on the subject of those calls.

They have a much clearer idea than you, that's for sure.

LackTrue4K1796d ago


I'm having problems with my ps4, it keeps freezing when installing WARFRAME. :/

Ketzicorn1796d ago

Is your internet connection stable?

JoGam1796d ago

You really need a good stable network. If possible go wired.

LackTrue4K1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

this game did not want to download all day yesterday.

Now that it is installed, it seams to be working

@Ketzicorn, would a unstable connection affect my system like that? making it freeze?! (do have fast/stable internet)
aside form that issue, its kind of a fun game.

scott1821796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

That would happen to my ps3 sometimes when I was using wifi.

JessiePinkmanYo1796d ago

Sistersback-I had instability issues with AC4 when I first played it. The thing is, you can play the game as it's installing, and maybe I was getting to areas that weren't installed yet. I think the solution is to put the game in and let it install while doing something else. AC plays flawless for me now

madpuppy1795d ago

I thought my PS4 was "freezing" or just doing nothing while it was installing and then even running Warframe, I think that it was just taking more time than usual to access the Warframe servers. Because I just waited and eventually it installed and it went into the game without issue.

The PS4 is so fast that any kind of delay feels like a problem, but, the PS4 cannot control Network issues.

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andrewsqual1796d ago

Its shocking how Microsoft were able to deny the RROD issue for 19 months before acknowledging it. They wouldn't be able to do this today in 2013 though. I feel sorry for anybody who isn't aware of this.

AgitatedOcelot1796d ago

Oh they tried hard to weasel out of that one. I was sure they were going to as well. I was really shocked when they stepped up and offered a 3 year warranty and actually backed their customers.

It's really mind boggling when you think about it, that a device with a 30 to 50% failure rate did as well as it did.

That seriously has to have skewed the sales numbers for the Xbox 360, some people bought 6 consoles over the years.

mkis0071795d ago

This line of questioning would not have been in our heads had it not been for 360 rrod. Its funny how MS mistake somehow effects sony...also sony had the ps4 in the oven for 2-3 years longer than the xbox1...much better chance of higher success rate.

GraveLord1796d ago

Actually many Amazon and even Walmart/Gamestop customers had bricked PS4s as well.

Still, the failure rate has been overblown by Xbox fanboys and the vocal minority that got affected.

ZBlacktt1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Just go... you have no idea anyway. So many people in here want it to be more then it is. Yet over looking a world record that was smashed!

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SpinalRemains1381796d ago


Massive success.

Backlash by the wounded is understood but vastly overstated.

Gasian1796d ago

I don't know about you guys but .4% failure rate in electronic is very very good. For their first run they are expecting 4,000 of the million sold through to customers on launch day. To keep it under 1% is a major success for sony. It is an issue but it is not widespread. Only seems that way because of social media and the power of the internet today.

AndrewLB1796d ago


Anyone repeating this 0.4% number needs to have their head examined. Sony could not possibly know how many will fail until customers contact them. They announced this 0.4% number in order to control the narrative in the media and to help with damage control. Once again, Sony says jump, and the fanboys say how high...

Some of you are even more clueless than the Apple crowd. ugh...

mkis0071795d ago

Just because Microsoft messed up the 360 launch, does not mean it is the norm dude... I find it funny how the rrod is now expected. One console launch has a problem 8 years ago...bad for them...I can't believe how people think that is how consoles are. It happened Microsoft..not to sony.

madpuppy1795d ago

I'm getting tired of reading people in forums saying this junk:

"I have a "friend" that works at "Walmart/gamestop/EB/Best Buy" and they have gotten back "20 out of the 40/a whole lot/pallets full" of PS4's returned because of failures."

talk about ulterior motives, sheesh!

1796d ago
TwistingWords1796d ago

Yada, yada, yada.

I think the general consensus on all of the forums and comments within articles which have the discussion of the PS4 bricking is that there isn't a real problem(potentially... sorry my crystal ball is out of action) but with my engineering cap on, all electronic devices have so many accurate testing principles that a bad batch is almost non existent.

The RROD is sort of an isolated incident... A lot of testing goes into solder about 100x more than you think, thermal, frequency response, electromigration amongst others of a 100+ list, but someone cocked up on their calculations in relation to thermal limits, ironically though lead free solder usually equates to higher thermal limits...

josephayal1796d ago

Even XBox/MS has had to congratulate Sony on the success of the PS4 launch, Nothing can stop the PS4..Nothing

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