ONM #102 review scores - Super Mario 3D World and more

This month's ONM scores include Mario 3D World, which the magazine states "makes everyone else look like they had HD all wrong."

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N4g_null1849d ago

Luckly they jacked that ram way up there and added a lot of features to distract from the fact that titanfall is the only 3rd party game worth playing right now. Ive noticed how fans of the ps have notably just got angrier instead of happier... yet we got millions of nintendo fans no where near this site.... your fanbase is a direct reflection of how bad you are doing.... any one remember the xbox swearing online gamers?

im also curious to see if any one other than sony will do any thing worth 8 gigs of ram on that box.

yet this mario is so simple that it crushes all other platformers and it is barely using the wiiu to its fullest, the real time glass at that framerate is still impressive.

This game is shaping up to be better than galaxy.

RiPPn1849d ago

"yet we got millions of nintendo fans no where near this site"

Why are you here then?

Back on topic, this game does look good and I loved 3D Land on the 3DS it'll be one of the first titles I get when the Wii U hits $200.

wonderfulmonkeyman1849d ago

"Why are you here then?"
Dunno about his motivations outside of that post, but I'm here because this site seems to get news pretty quickly.
Not to heckle fans of what I don't like, unlike so many others.

Reeze1848d ago

I agreed because of your statement about the game, but if you're going to wait for the Wii U to hit $200, you'll be waiting for a LONG time....

RiPPn1848d ago

Not sure why people think I'll be waiting a long time for a $200 Wii U Deluxe, when the Deluxe was $350 it could be had for $250 - $275 in a couple sales before the price drop. So now that the deluxe is $300 it's not hard to imagine the same type of discount occurring especially on black Friday when it is competing for attention with the other 2 consoles.

But even if it is not offered for that price in a sale, I'll be watching Craigslist where I might be able to find a new model for that price. When the PS3 dropped to $300 I found that model shortly after brand new for $200 on there.

But even if that doesn't happen, I have no prob waiting until Nintendos next price cut which should be down to $250 and then a $50 off sale won't be hard to come by when that happens, or the console plus a free new release not bundled with the system, Fry;s Electronics does this quite often.

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Rockefellow1849d ago

Why so hostile? There are people out there who just like to play video games, you know. I've got a Wii U and a PS4 sitting happily next to one another, and I'll be playing the hell out of SM3DW all next weekend.

It doesn't do any good to be a fan of one platform and scorn the others. I'll have my Wii U for games to play while the PS4 goes through its customary drought, just like my PS3 handled the Wii U's downtime.

chronoforce1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Wait,did you just write real Time glass? Wtf

N4g_null1849d ago

Lol typo real time glass reflection or refraction... its a problem in most videoicards.

Why am I here... I game on the ps also and im hoping they can make a game I would like to play. Yet im not wasting money till they do.

worldwidegaming1849d ago

I totally agree!
It became so bad for Nintendo that companies and fanboys
called the Wii-U current gen.
In the meanwhile everyone is fighting over 720P and 1080P
with lackluster games coming out and the promise of better things to come over time.
Excuses,excuses. I just want to game and Nintendo is bringing it!

HardcoreDaBoss1849d ago

lol soo true man. amen brotha speak da truth

bobsmith1849d ago

I feel sorry for people getting xbone or ps4 instead of wii u its way cheaper, free online, gamepad controller you can play with no tv, backward compatible with wii games and controllers, this game, and mario kart 8 early next year
im gona stick with ps3 and gran turismo 6 ill get ps4 next year

for we are many1849d ago

You summed up my thoughts exactly.

LOL_WUT1849d ago

It is way cheaper and yes the online is free but what's it good for if 3rd party developers don't develop for the system and Nintendo is not fully embracing online multiplayer. You gotta play the waiting game until these exclusives get released. ;)

link2Dpast1849d ago

Always with the 3rd party, the world is so fixated on this notion. Mostly every one who comments on this site im for sure has more than one system, you want third party then use your other system for now and stop putting all this negativity towards Nintendo because it's the 3rd party developers who are not contributing is not nintendos fault. Nintendo is a specialty system, there the Disney of gaming, it's the samething over and over but they just have so much quality and Yea there are hiccups along the way but people will buy Nintendo for there 1st party games because there just so good.

truechainz1849d ago

Fair enough, but for me the only waiting game I will be playing is one that involves pokemon, mario 3d world, and ALBW. I will play that waiting game until it hurts. Or until the Second Son bundle comes out...

Fanboyssuck271848d ago

What good is a Ps4 with no 1st or 2nd party developers?

A lot of Nintendo's 1st party games are better than any 3rd party game.

Wii U has good 3rd party games, the only 3rd party games that arnt on the Wii U are the crap ones.
The only real 3rd party game Wii U is missing is GTA 5, apart from that Wii U is all good.

Downsy721849d ago

Early review scores for 3d world looking promising . Their was a time when gaming was about having fun and escaping for an hour or so . I can honestly say not since the N64 I have not enjoyed a console as much as the WII U . And that's coming from a Sony fan. Respect Nintendo for remembering what gaming is all about .

Venox20081848d ago

i hope you have a wonderful 101 and nano assault neo, highly recommended, plus some others :)

link2Dpast1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

@Downsy72 Seriously I just don't get how people don't see it you're way. Game are about fun and imagination. Your right. I'm a collector and I try to be as unbias on this site as possible but as soon as some one sees the profile pic they immediately call me a fan boy because people hate to that the truth, honestly systems ate about first party Microsoft sony are a shadow of what they use to be,people complain that Nintendo has only first party but if there was no such thing as first party we all would have the same Damn games on differrnt systems it would be retarted. I cherish my PS1 hands down had the best rpgs grandia, legend of dragoon ect... Now nothing like that to offer I prefer Nintendo and yes they have made mistakes but they stick to the guns and not try to change and be something there not. The Media Controls alot and most people follow it and belive it, it's sad.

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