Battlefield 4 Under DDOS Attack On PC

Gameranx: "EA has confirmed attack, explaining that it is affecting both multiplayer and soldier stats and they are currently taking action against it."

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Irishguy951798d ago

Whoevers doing this is a wanker

Watari3211798d ago Show
KONAAs1798d ago

haha there u go and why dont u gloat any more u pc gamers, u dotn get ddos on gaming sistems

Irishguy951798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

No DDoS. Just month long network failures. And Mandatory online 50 quid subs


Autodidactdystopia1798d ago

Firstly, a ddos, is very possible on "gaming systems"


and also, servers for "gaming systems" are also pcs....

silly you :P

Gamer19821797d ago

You can get DDOS on gaming systems lol. Just shows you know nothing about what a DDOS is or how the internet works. a DDOS brings down servers by constantly barraging it with information. Its been done numerous times to XBL servers forcing MS to take the servers down for a few hours. However the difference between a game and XBL is a massive infrastructure. They could easily take down game servers though.

AllroundGamer1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

instead they should attack the accounts of all the DICE programmers, that are responsible for this mess of a game and take all their money.

clmstr1798d ago

So you're trying to say that all the bugs and glitches and bad netcode is DICE's fault? Maybe it's EA who simply forced DICE to rush the development because of Ghosts? Yes, BF4 is actually in the beta state right now but again, it's not programmers fault.

AllroundGamer1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

definitely, everyone saw how they fixed bugs on BF3 and now on BF4, and they are mostly just messing more things up as they are fixing... so this isn't only a problem of a rushed launch. programmer skill 0.

Bladesfist1798d ago

Not to mention that most of those programmers were not working on the games networking.

BattleAxe1798d ago

Maybe it's because EA is using Battlelog. Wouldn't things be more secure under a regular system where you launch whichever game mode you want from within the game itself?

Dragonborn3121798d ago

I hate when people do stuff like this. Why ruin other people's fun?

JessiePinkmanYo1798d ago

F'ing losers...I'm a console gamer and know this pain all to well with the PSN attack a couple years ago. Hope the issue gets fixed for the PC gamers

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The story is too old to be commented.