By 2017, One-Third Of Spending On Console Games Will Go On Digital Purchases

A recent report by IHS suggests that 34 per cent of all spending on software on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one will go on digital products by 2017.

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dieforgame1848d ago

The question still remains why the downloadable games are more expensive than the normal games? So I can not understand it! If they would adjust the rates then that is even realistic!

LOGICWINS1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Your supposed to take advantage of promotions. I got TLOU for 36 bucks (still $60 on Amazon) during the Halloween sale on PSN. I also bought Mirror's Edge and got ten bucks BACK from Sony.

And when I bought GTAV via PSN, I still saved money due to not having to pay sales tax. Buying digital offers just as many discounts, if not more.

Now that PS Plus is mandatory, Sony can afford to give PS Plus members better "Steam-like" discounts. Digital is the future.

6YardsOut1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Digital is not my future.

The day I start renting my games and stop owning them is the day I die.

Why should I pay for something that I don't really own?

What happens if I get a ban in 30 years time, will all the games I bought in those three decades be off-limits to me?

Rzep1847d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble but there won't be any Steam-like sales on PSN. Steam has these massive sales because the competition when it comes to digital distribution on the PC platform is huge. As long as PSN is the only way to purchase the games there won't be any real sales.

On PC aside from Steam you have stuff like Gamersgate, Green Man Gaming, the Humble Store, GetGamesGo and quite frankly hundreds more.

Rzep1847d ago

A third...damn the consoles are behind. I don't even have a dvd/blu ray drive in my PC anymore. Haven't bought a physical copy in years.