Xbox 360 25-in-25: Bastion

BT writes: If you have not played Bastion, stop reading this, go get your 360, PC, Mac, or tablet, and buy this game (or check your Humble Indie Bundle collection: it’s been on several of them), and play it. Bastion is one of my favorite games, period, and the perfect blend of gameplay and games as art. Supergiant Games’ hit game was like Limbo in a way: it came out during a Summer of Arcade promotion, it was in stark contrast to the other titles it was grouped with, it starred a young boy as a protagonist, was set in a harsh uncaring world, and it was the biggest hit out of that collection. Yet, instead of using noire-style visuals and a highly vulnerable protagonist, Supergiant Games used a broad palate of colors and The Kid.

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