Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Console Wars Are Just Getting Started

Forbes: It’s quite possible that all that momentum Sony's had leading up to the launch of the PS4 will dry up now that the machine is in the wild. System issues, faulty HDMI ports, and a real lack of compelling first-party games all work against the next-gen console.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One is still out of sight, its launch approaching quickly but all reviews of the system and first-party games still under embargo. Microsoft's MSFT -0.47% entrance remains largely a huge mystery.

But what happens if the Xbox One lands with generally more favorable reviews than the PlayStation 4? What happens if the Xbox One game lineup receives higher praise?

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MRMagoo1231821d ago

The same thing will be happening to the xbone at launch, it to will have issues at launch and faulty hardware, for the kind of site this is you would think they would know that, you dont need a crystal ball to see that all electrical products have faults.