PlayStation 4′s issues just trivial, or a real problem?

"Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 4 has just been released two days ago in US and users have already reported a fair number of problems and bricked consoles."

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Majin-vegeta1849d ago

Over 1 million consoles have been sold if it was really that bad of faulty consoles we would be hearing more about this.But alas its just usually the same ones being blown out of proportion.

GarrusVakarian1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Of course they are a real problem for the people who it has happened too, i bet they are angry as hell now, i know i would be. But ive said it before and ill say it again....compared to the amount of completely fine PS4's functioning perfectly RIGHT NOW, this isn't a massive deal like many people on here wish it was.

Here's something that should put things into perspective....ONE MILLION consoles have been sold (not shipped) in the USA in 24 hours....but i guess a few forum reports and a few youtube videos showing broken PS4's means this is "widespread" huh?

Many bitter people on here are going to just have to accept the fact that this isn't as widespread as they wished it was. The X1 launches in a week and i pray it doesn't have widespread problems for 2 reasons : 1) i wouldn't wish a broken console on my worst enemy and 2) because some of you people are going to look like FOOLS after all your rants about the PS4.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1848d ago

For goodness sakes the console comes with a warranty. And everyone knows the risk you take buying a launch unit. Less than 1 percent have failed (which is unbelievably below standard).

kreate1848d ago

We have to wait at least a few months to really know.

gaffyh1848d ago

It's definitely not a trivial thing, especially for those who have issues, but that's the point of having a warranty. The fact is that there is a much greater percentage of people with PS4s that are working fine, so it seems to be a problem with a small percentage of systems, and not a widespread issue like the RROD was, at least that's what it appears to be like now. If we start seeing these issues for every console a month or two from now, then it's time to be worried.

ZBlacktt1848d ago

So this, on the Internet people try and make everything a big deal. All for attention and to spread a message all for ratings. Now that we know Sony broke a world record. It really shatters their mission to make it such a big deal. Because we all already know we are not seeing thousands and thousands of people coming forward. People love drama and that's what grabs peoples attention. This is no different then tabloid magazines.

Pogmathoin1848d ago

Agreed Lukas, do not like this news about PS4, only problem I had was very slow server... and getting X1 on Friday, after RROD 3 times, do not want issues this time. As you said, anyone making fun of this, and hoping it happens to the other side, shame on them, and Kharma is a bitch... This is never a good feeling, working all day, get home, do the usual thing, spend some time with son, and try get an hour to play, only to see console fail. Its a horrible feeling, hope this is very minimal and resolved quickly for all involved....

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GraveLord1848d ago

Exactly. How many reports are out there? A couple hundred? That's even with including the fake fanboy troll reviews.

59fifty1848d ago

it's been 2-3 days since it was released. maybe more down the road? my launch 360 rrod a year later, my launch ps3 ylod more than a year later.. so ill wait a little bit this time:)

GarrusVakarian1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Create a place where every angry customer can voice their issues (the internet) and it creates a false sense of widespread fault.

GarrusVakarian1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I didn't know there was a world-wide accepted meaning of "getting a life"....PM me with instructions how and ill consider it :)

Edit: Hold the PM, i just remembered that i will "have a life" when Nov 29th comes around! :D

scott1821849d ago

you're the one spending your time reading his comments, you may be the one in need of a life.

EXVirtual1849d ago

Why do you guys feel the need to be so rude to each other. You don't have to like each other necessarily, but c'mon. 'Get a life' is so middle school.
OT: The failure rate is at 0.4%. That's pretty damn low if you ask me. Electronics always have problems anyway. It's just that it's getting blown out of proportion for websites to get hits.

The_Villager1849d ago

The fanboys won't admit it but these issues are a real problem. Sony needs to fix this before the holidays.

GarrusVakarian1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

1 million PS4's sold. Each individual issue is a problem for that person, but in the grand scheme of things....this is but a pebble compared to a mountain.

MasterCornholio1849d ago

If your asking them for a 0% defect rate forget about it. What Sony has done is acknowledge the issue and they are replacing defective PS4s. Thats all that they can do know.

ZBlacktt1848d ago

The only thing I can admit is I am loving this console! Very srs! It so very fast at doing everything now. I have over 30 hours in AC4 and I can't stop playing it because it's that good. Both in graphics, visuals and game play. With still other games here to open.

During my time looking around at people with issues. You know one big issue I saw people reporting and thinking their consoles were broke? The error messages that would pop up when trying to log on the PSN. They thought they have a software issue with the console. Not thinking about how the system was being hit with over 1,000,000 PS4 in the same time frame. Even I was getting those but I'm smart enough to know what is happening. Over on IGN they had a poll and 18% of the people on the poll reported this issue as the issue. Now a day or so later not a issue anymore.... So how this turns out to be something so big on the net? When really it's all nothing.

jmc88881848d ago

You did.

But on your second issue, how can a company like Sony change your fanboyism by Xmas?

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strigoi8141849d ago

issues will still be there but fanboys make it look worse like its the end of the world

josephayal1849d ago

0.4% is 4 dead out of 1000, i dont think the failure rate is bad at all.. MEH!

plaZeHD1848d ago

No, it's 4 dead out of 100. Which isn't a big deal, but fanboys try to make it worse than it is.

jmc88881848d ago

No that would be 4 percent.

But to be fair, the 0.4 percent was what was reported from the Taco Bell batch.

We don't know what the real # is. But it seems so far, it's pretty low.

Again, if 0.4 percent (that's 1/10th of 4 percent), that means 4 out of 1000.

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