8K Display Right Around The Corner – A Massive 7680×4320 Resolution

HardwarePal : We might be seeing an 8K Monitor with a massive 7680×4320 Resolution going mainstream . Right now even 4K isn’t mainstream because of the pricing and it already seems to *kill* graphic processing units of current gen. But BEO Technology a chinese manufacturer says otherwise.

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UltimateMaster1848d ago

I need a PS5! XD

Unless you're some kind of millionaire, you probably don't even own a 8k TV in the first place.

You can either go great LED 1080p HD TV or buy a even more expensive LCD* HD TV. OLEDs are also out, but they are even more expensive.

Price matters.

Derekvinyard131848d ago

Dude no one even has 4K tv's ! You have to be crazy to pay $25,000 for that!

XB1_PS41847d ago

@eru Pics with you holding a paper with your tag on it next to your tv or it didn't happen.

kneon1847d ago

I've already seen Sony's 55inch 4k TV on sale for $3000. by the end of next year I expect there will be plenty of 4k TV's in the $2000 range.

PoSTedUP1847d ago

1080p still looks good, i think im shooting for a decent sized OLED tv b4 i get into 4k.

Lior1847d ago

the seiki 39 inch 4k tv on amazon is like 900 dollars right now

gpturbo811847d ago

you can get one for 5grr, but whats the point. once 4k floods the market you'll b able to nab one for 2grr or less

UltimateMaster1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

I petty those who bought the current 4k HD TV and got a limited amount of frame rate per second.

HDMI 2.0 isn't even out on most of those 4K TVs.
You currently get only like 24fps. Yeah, tough luck.

Only Panasonic will have HDMI 2.0 compatible 4ks this year on their new models so far.

You need HDMI 2.0, because the other cables aren't fast enough to get a decent amount of frame rates and Active 3D.

Exactly what I said.
Price Matters, like you said, you have to be crazy to buy one of those.

Yeah, I was kidding about that PS5 stuff.
Hence the XD

FamilyGuy1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Just got emailed this ad for some $500, off-brand 4k tv, it's 39inches too.
Given the fact the $500 is an insanely reasonable price I'm pretty sure plenty can/will have 4k tvs soon enough.

The response time and contrast ratio aren't good compared to high quality tvs though. 5000:1 Dynamic, 6.5ms Still, $500 is $500

ATiElite1847d ago

I'm getting a 4K TV January 2014 as they are now $5000 or cheaper

Yi-Long1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

1: for movies, games and TV, on the big screen TV, 1080P is more than good enough. At a certain point, your eyes won't be able to see the difference in pixels anyway.

These ridiculously high pixel-numbers are really nothing more than trying to boost the specs in order for people to buy newer and more expensive TVs.

However, for computer-monitors and desktop work, obviously there's an advantage to more pixels on screen, cause it just means you can fit in more apps, programs, whatever. Although obviously 8K would still be a bit ridiculous.

2: Plasma is still the very best way to experience gaming and movies. Sadly, the public perception of plasma-TVs have kinda killed that whole segment, even though professional sites and magazines continue to rate plasma TVs as the very best (just check out for examples and explanations...)

Instead of focussing on pixel-count, which TBH is pretty useless, especially in this day and age where both hardware-wise as well as content-wise there is pretty much no support for it yet), I'd rather see them focus on improving blacks, response-time, input-time, etc etc etc.

LED-LCD is still far from perfect, while OLED still isn't really available, or affordable.

Edit: @A TiElite: do yourself a favour, check out some reviews, then get a 1500$ plasma (Panasonic), and spend the money you save on whatever else you can think of to improve your entertainment experience (new PC, consoles, games, sound system, whatever...)

Droidbro1847d ago

@Yi-Long,you've never seen a 4k TV in person then.

indysurfn1847d ago

Yeah I know Japan has had 4k for a few years now. But in the USA, say 4k to a sales man and they will most likely say what you mean?
Besides Xbone is making excuses for not have games at 1080p even though there competitor does. So you can forget ultra HD (which is what 4k is also called even before 8k).

Autodidactdystopia1846d ago

SHH guys 4k wont matter until the ps5 can do it. Right now since the ps4 cannot game at 4k it doesn't matter.

But when the ps5 can. It will be the most important thing since sliced bread.

8k wont matter until the ps6 can do it.

even if the pc or the xbox or some new system from Nintendo can do 4k or 8k IT WONT MATTER

cause its not SONY4k or SONY8k. those are the only times it matters.

Yi-Long1846d ago

@Droidanomix: Actually, i have seen quite a few already in action. I'm in Hong Kong at the moment, and in Shenzhen and HK I've already seen quite a few on display.

And TBH, it really makes very little difference to what we already have, plus the content they'll show in the showmodels is just basically very HD and gorgeous still-pictures, or very slow moving video.

And yeah, those are very nice looking, but as I said, it's still or slow-moving, and a TV is about MOTION. You need videogames and movies to be shown in a smooth way. Usually, they stay away from showing that on LCD-LEDs, because it's a technology best suited for desktops.

And desktops is where I WOULD welcome 4K.

For TV and movies, 1080p is perfect as it is. And most experts (magazines, websites, techblogs) will tell you the same.

@Autodido: I couldn't care less which console can or can't display it. This gen, most of my favourite games have been small arcade games on PSN and XBLA, like Super Meat Boy, Mark of the Ninja, Journey, Trials Evo etc etc.

Obviously, I want my console to be powerful, but 1080p output is all I need. What matters more is that what we get to see in the screen, will look smooth and gorgeous. And often, that's more about design-decisions than it is about specs.

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ZombieKiller1847d ago

Maybe I should hold off on that 4K TV I was planning on buying this year. Seroiusly? DOUBLE the resolution is insane. I know there really isn't much 4K programming but you know that Sony will impliment it in a patch for at least movies. I bet a dual or quad layered BD disc will hold it too. 4 or 8K will go along nicely with the PS4 I just got.

4K's arent too bad on Amazon either. I saw a 55' 4K LED Samsung for about $3000. That's not too bad!

Conzul1847d ago

I'm just waiting for a nice 1080p OLED.

Then come PlayStation 5 I'll go 4k.
OLED > 4k

webeblazing1847d ago

lol your ps4 states how you progress with technology. so whatever your console can do thats the best

Droidbro1847d ago

55 foot 4k TV for 3 grand? That's amazing!

2pacalypsenow1847d ago

LED LCD and LCD are the same thing only advantage is Power saving

FragMnTagM1847d ago

Not really. Yes and no.

They have the same tech, (LCD), but they are lit differently and can result in a slightly better picture on the LED LCD TV's.

The reason being is that they are lit more evenly than just LCD.

True LED TV's where the pixels themselves are LED's look amazing. I cannot wait for some affordable OLED 55" TV's.

4k and soon to be 8k, are going to be great, but the OLED TV's look insanely good for just 1080p.

8k OLED TV? F&[email protected] yeah!

2pacalypsenow1847d ago

Yes wide array LED are much better than regulars LED's but i haven't noticed any diference

ZombieKiller1845d ago

Completely wrong.

LED- Light Emitting Diode
LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

2 totally different techs

2pacalypsenow1845d ago

@ZombieKiller LED tvs are still LCD panels just lighted with LED's, unless its a wide array LED

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user14394141847d ago

I want a 8k TV :) I can't wait to play TitanFall in 8k on XBOX ONE (and pc) its going to be amazing

FragMnTagM1847d ago

XBOX nor PS4 will not support 8k. The PS4, maybe maybe maybe for movies, but neither for gaming. Maybe if they were putting pong in 8k, lol.

High end computers will have trouble with 8k.

Gamer19821847d ago

PCS struggle to do 4k. only 0.00001% of movies are in 4k and no tv shows support it yet. Why the hell would anybody want 8k right now?? Only thing it would be good for is those high res photos.

kingduqc1846d ago

I don't even think ps5 will do 4k, yet alone 8k.

btw ppl... 4k tvs are around 4000$ not 25 grand. Kinda like the firt few years of 1080p. Give it 2-3 year to mature and you'll get em under 1500$

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deepio1847d ago

You're probably going to need a 150inch TV to even notice the difference! Pointless!

OrangePowerz1847d ago

Without any 8k content it's even more pointless :)

HardcoreDaBoss1847d ago

exactly tv broadcast is stll in 1080i lol. not even 1080p. so whats 4k or 8k going to do for me? until they make improvements I will stay at 1080p

Lior1847d ago

deepio your such a complete and utter moron

deepio1846d ago

On what basis exactly?

Why don't you have a look at this link first...

Now, my TV is currently 11 feet away from my sofa. That means I need a 95" 4K TV to even notice it. Now tell me how big my 8K TV needs to be? I may have been exaggerating with 150", but still not far off the mark.

Call me what you want, I don't care, but at least back it up with an argument next time.

Gamer19821847d ago

Your kind of on the money with the size thing you will notice a difference with around 70"+ especially with gaming however it is pointless right now as gaming even with 4 780tis couldn't do 8k. It is pointless for movies however unless you go massive.

deepio1846d ago

I was exaggerating with 150" but it really depends on how far away you sit from your screen...

BobbytheBuilder1847d ago

barely anyone even has 4k tv's yet

admiralvic1847d ago

True, but you can't stop progress. However, this is just too fast.

ExCest1847d ago

You can't put a cap on progress.

Maybe it isn't progressing too fast but we're adapting too slow.

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sashimi1847d ago

Get with the times folks, technology waits for no one.

user14394141847d ago

If these 8k tv do not come with 3D built in without glasses I am going to be so upset :(

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