Battlefield 4 PS4 CE-34878-0 Error: Here Is How You Can Fix It

"Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 has been facing a pretty serious error with multiplayer since release, manifesting in the form of "CE-34878-0 Error" splayed across the screen. However, there are two ways to fix this."

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HarryB1822d ago ShowReplies(5)
NaAsAr1822d ago

this sucks. everytime I find myself having to delete and reinstall the game. I then have to download the game save from the cloud to overwrite the corrupt save. flustrating. but the game aside from that is pretty awesome. when I am able to play it. :(

Livecustoms1822d ago

Im from UK so i have to wait till the 29th, After all these complaints im not picking up Bf4

dcj05241822d ago

Lol. I am. In janurary.

LordDhampire1822d ago

I would, it should be fixed by then for sure

Mega241822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

From what I'm seeing in the PSN forums, this error is not just tide in to BF4, apparently is to a few more games with autosaving on multiplayer, there are complaints of the error from KZ, Ghosts, and even NFS Rivals.

I've deleted the entire game and re installed it, and it seems to work for me.

BX811822d ago

Lorddhampire sounds like he works for ea, lol. Yeah pick up our game we should have it fixed by then but give us your money now. I have it for the 360 but after reading about the next gen version I'm kinda hesitant to up grade it to Xbox one.

Panthers1822d ago

The game is awesome, by far the best MP game on the PS4 right now.

The issues are annoying though. Im able to play Rush, TDM, and a couple other matches online, but not Conquest... my favorite. So Im upset about that, but the game is very fun and looks/runs amazingly when it works.

mediate-this1822d ago

Its really not that big of a problem. At first i thought it was the game, i got switched it didnt work i figure out you need to delete the game save, didnt touch any files in the cloud. It happened only once, now runs like a charm. Amd bf4 is soooooooo addicting, just really nice to look at, and plays really good.

Ps4Console1822d ago

Me too , by the time we get ours these problems would be ironed out .

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willie321822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

They had trouble fixing bf3 on ps3. It is a shame they wont add the ability to party up before a bf4 match? Talk about a major step in the wrong direction.

vickers5001821d ago

Do you mean "didn't add" or did you actually mean "won't" add? If so, can you provide a link saying where DICE said they wont add it?

kazuma9991822d ago

Lol the only thing I need to do is restart battlefield xD I feel lucky. And the error only does it in a rare chance when I start the game, but that's it.

Gamer19821822d ago

PC.. Enough said..

You were warned..

PumPum1822d ago

LMAO the PC is plagued with bugs and problems. Good thing some are already patched.

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Psychotica1822d ago

If this problem is so easy to produce how did it escape testing? I was thinking about buying this but I think I will wait now.

kazuma9991822d ago

MONEY!!!! They rushed to get it out before/same time as ghost.

Panthers1822d ago

I would still get it. Its the most fun Im having on the PS4 right now. Such a huge step up from BF3 and the PS3 in general.

Still, the issues are annoying and need to be fixed.

InTheLab1822d ago

Bought the game at target during the two for one deal snd haven't opened it yet. Gonna replace it with AC4 and roll killzone for my shooter needs.

dcj05241822d ago

Or you can give it to me for free!

BLAKHOODe1822d ago

I would hold on to it until they fix it.

I have it, Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Killzone: Shadow Fall. All are great, but BF4 (when it works) is TONS better than COD and Killzone.

They say good things come to those who wait.. WAIT!

InTheLab1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

While I can't disagree as I have yet to open it, I have a hard time supporting a broken game or believing it's better than a not broken game and a mechanically broken CoD.

I also bought KZ,BF4,CoD then realized I had 3

Just not a fan of Knack and burnt out on AC after Brotherhood...

Visiblemarc1822d ago

I agree, this will be patched extremely soon. Probably before you get a chance to return it. There are just too many sales to lose right now, they literally can't afford this.

BLAKHOODe1822d ago


Call Of Duty is a lot like Xbox right now in that the internet loves to hate it. Don't buy into that; form your own opinion. I've been playing COD Ghosts while Battlefield is "broken" and I've had a lot of fun with it, but I would rather be playing Battlefield 4.

BX811822d ago

How is cod? Does it have dedicated servers? They said it would for next gen last I saw.

InTheLab1822d ago

I hate ghosts mostly due to the maps. They are just too large for such a low player count. The maps are also a clusterfack and despite what a few defenders are saying, the spawns are broken. There's also an issue of balance with the weapons but they usually fix that weeks after launch.

If I had to do it over again I'd roll with nba 2k instead. IW are the B team for COD and MW3 and Ghosts are the proof.

mediate-this1822d ago

Hey, i fully agree with you, i dod not buy ghosts on current gen, just apauled at how ghost is the same thing, i was a massive fan, buy im changing now, bought ghosts for ps4 its garbage, i bought kz:sf, bf4, ac4, knack, injustice. And by far bf4 is the best in my opinion, just so addictive, i like kz also but the online doesnt seem as crazy as bf4 to me.,

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thehitman1822d ago

My BF4 coming in the mail today I hope I wont have any major issues.

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