Konami Opens Metal Gear Solid V Website and Release Date

Konami opens the 'official' Metal Gear Solid V website that is not made by fans, but by Konami themselves. Release date is on there as well.

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abzdine1794d ago

cant wait to try it out on PS4!

ANIALATOR1361794d ago

I'm not excited about it quite as much as I once about a year ago or so from all the stuff like keifers voice and etc but I will certainly still buy it and play on ps4

Lboogieskells1794d ago

Agreed, hype for this died after finding out it's not a full fleshed title.

Rockefellow1794d ago

There isn't any release date whatsoever. Whoever voted this garbage through should be ashamed of themselves for not checking to see if the author was lying.

What a pitiful attempt at getting hits for this mediocre eyesore of a site.