Dragon Age Inquisition: Will Morrigan Be a True Hero or Villain?

During Origins, Morrigan was many times the hero and the villain simultaneous, since she never offered anything without any sort of gain. Many things have happened since Morrigan was last seen in the Witch Hunt DLC and the question is: What kind of character will Morrigan be in Inquisition?

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Bladesfist1801d ago

Hopefully neither, I want her to be more complicated than that.

cleft51800d ago

Exactly, Morgan is a very gray character and should remain that way.

Bigpappy1800d ago

I so agree with you. She is very complex and unpredictable. Very likable, but you always want to know where she is and what she is up to. She is a free spirit that you always want to you. You and thrust her in battle, but not in her ambitions.

Eamon1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

She has a child with the soul of an Old God. I suspect Flemeth, and others, will be after her lol.
Morrigan did thwart Flemeth's plans to become her next host once she was pregnant with the old god's soul inside the fetus.

Senyra1801d ago

Yep, I wonder what bioware will come up with this time :P

Eamon1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Well, I think Flemeth and Morrigan both knew a huge world-wide war was going to happen and that this war wasn't the Fifth Blight. Now that the Mage-Templar war has begun and is engulfing all of Thedas, Flemeth most likely wants to use the opportunity to come out on top.

I can see Flemeth becoming a leader of the mage side or forming some sort of religious mage cult that's ever-expanding (remember that the Dalish elves treat her with authority and respect). Her aim is to win the war and become the most powerful person in the world or something like that.

As for Morrigan, I'm not even sure. At the beginning of DA:O you could assume her motivation would be similar to Flemeth, but she changes throughout the game (depending on how you interact with her). She becomes less cold, more empathetic and more human. It could be that once she gave birth to her child (since Inquisition is at least 10 years after the events of DA:O), she no longer pursues plans to obtain power and her motherly instincts take over. She could simply just want to raise her child away from those who want to exploit the power locked inside the child.

linkenski1800d ago

Just a question, what would you do if you play DA:I and you're told the Child died in stillbirth, no matter which decision you made in DA:O?

Just saying, it could happen.

Eamon1800d ago

lol would be a piss-take. Bioware has been notorious for doing stuff similar to that:

Mass Effect ending choices having no effect on the next game.

linkenski1800d ago

Yeah, the three biggest choices in ME1 and ME2 were largely brushed off in ME3.

"Did you save this alien race to be resurrected in ME1? HAH! Doesn't matter because if you didn't they'll just be there anyway as a clone-race"

Baka-akaB1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"You killed the Krogan ? dont worry they'll be another one anyway ."

"You let him live ? You're a pesky one messing with our plans , but dont worry you'll play the new one anyway , and just have a cameo from your old friend . "

"You choose to save the council ? Dont you love your own race you traitor ? Dont worry they'll still hate you and banish you someplace they wont have to interract with you"

Aloren1800d ago

What would I do... I'd play the game ?

After all, I didn't stop playing Awakening when my warden who died saving the world showed up in the DLC. It's not like every decision will carry over and change everything 3 games later...

As for the kid, I think it could be the other way around : even if you didn't do for the ritual in Origins, Morrigan found another way or something...

They can't keep every decisions anyway... Like those who killed morrigan; I doubt you'll get a chance to play Inquisition without her showing up at some point.

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linkenski1800d ago

Whatever we did to her in DA:O she's probably just gonna be the complete antagonist.

Just wait, Bioware has yet to prove they can carry over choices to a third game in a franchise properly.

Baka-akaB1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Neither or rather both . She should just be globably grey , but leaning toward any of the two sides , depending on whatever choices we made and their consequences