PlayStation 4: Players Apparently Use Remote Play Over 16 Kilometers

The PlayStation is known to be the best capable console to stream game directly on the screen of the PlayStation Vita. The YouTuber ‘The Phawx’ tested this phenomenon by connecting with Sony’s handheld to its PS4 over an LTE network. And it worked amazingly perfect for the conditions prevailing there.

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dieforgame1801d ago

well, since it is spoken by a few kilometers, so this is for me a clear yes to mobile gaming.

HelpfulGamer1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

So this is how Sony's Gaikai Works. #[email protected]

Grap1801d ago

dunno why the disagree. actually yes this is how Gaikai and the cloud works they all server. here PS4 is the server.

0ut1awed1801d ago

Well the biggest issue with cellular networks is latency. That's also the bigget problem when doing something like remote play.

If he can do this over his 4G network then we should be able to remote play on any decent network at pretty long distances.

For example the latency on 4g is usually more than the latency from two decent servers on opposite sides of the US.

Therefore in theory we should be able to remote play across the nation! Just remember you need to have a decent upload speed on your home network where the PS4 is located.

UltimateMaster1800d ago

Not quite the same as Gaikai.
With Remote Play, players can access their PS4 with a wireless internet connection and the PS4 acts as a "server".
Gaikai streams games from their servers to be able to play the games.
In other word, it cost Sony nothing to let you use your remote play while Gaikai does.
It is similar in many regards in which the game isn't being played from the device itself.

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jujubee881801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

The PS VITA also still has full functionality while in link mode.

You can run any (native) VITA apps or a VITA/PSP/PS1/PSM game session and still activate and run PS4 games via the PS4 link app.

Booting a VITA OS and shadow booting a cloud based PS4 OS in one device, essentially. A technological first (I think).

1801d ago
Lboogieskells1801d ago

This is true, my eyes are red from watching Crunchy Roll all night on my Vita (via Remote Play).

DeadlyFire1801d ago

I am sure there is a bandwidth requirement. 5+ Mbps is likely required. I just wonder how widespread that is.

GentlemenRUs1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

This should come in handy the next time I'm out :P

Though I can't say the same thing with the mobile internet bill... But I guess there's those free wireless hotspots right?


16 Kilometers = 10 Miles
16 Kilometers = 16,000 Meters

Pintheshadows1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

16 Kilometres = 8748.90639 fathoms
16 kilometres = 8.63930886 nautical miles

For anyone who lives in the sea like Aquaman.

dorron1801d ago

Looks pretty awesome, but...what about the 4G LTE data consumption? I really would love to hear about it, because a limited data plan would probably be exceeded quickly.

GentlemenRUs1801d ago

If not, There's always those free wireless-hotspots :P

Kaze881801d ago

How limited are the data plans there? Here in Finland its unlimited for everybody, but 4G is quite expensive...around 20-40€ a month.

Agent_00_Revan1801d ago

Here in the states, butthurt companies realized they could put data caps on plans, and still charge the same price.

I still have managed to keep my unlimited plan from Verizon $30. But anyone that signed a contract in the past 2 years pays the same price for only 2GB data limit.

Sitdown1801d ago

Sprint and T-mobile still offer unlimited data. And recently Verizon accidentally opened the flood gates.

Agent_00_Revan1801d ago


yes but if you read the fine print on one, can't remember which, you only get 4g speed up to certain limit, then 3g speed. So still not the greatest.

contradictory1801d ago

some ISP's actually do have data caps in Finland dude... i had a contract with Sonera and the data cap was 20GB for a month... now that was just sad.

currently i have DNA 4G without data caps which is frankly awesome.

ironically both cost 20€ a month
and the Sonera one was 3G ffs!

there really are some transparency issues between ISP's pricings
also if you happen to live in middle of no-fucking-where there's not too much choices for connectivity

about 10 years ago the place where i live in didn't have any Wi-Fi options at all
so yeah, welcome to Satakunta.

Kaze881801d ago

@Contradictory really? I didnt know that they had caps anywhere. i have unlimited on my appartment and its from sonera. They have contract with housing company and its 10€ a month. Last time i had DNA and it was 35€, but we changed to Sonera because of the contract & price.

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Agent_hitman1801d ago

I don't think Android and iOS have that kind of tech and impressive game libraries to compete with Sony and the Playstation platform. If VITA + PS4 can do remote play, then I would say that it is the great time to have VITA than an Android and iOS device.

mark134uk1801d ago

i dont get 4g they announce these amazing speeds then put a silly download cap on you like 40GB :/

Jonoc331801d ago

Try living in Australia. We get probably max 3gb on a high end phone plan.

purp13m0nk3y1801d ago

Plus out 4G network is woefully inadequate outside of metropolitan area's.

Very cool tech though. Vita will be my xmas present to myself!

xxxsiegezzz1801d ago

Well then you should just buy unlimited.

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