PlayStation 4 Review [Game Rant]

Game Rant writes, The PS4 console is sexy and squarely focused on gaming, representing the natural evolution of the PlayStation home console brand. It takes a few steps forward from the PS3 but not too many that make it groundbreaking, especially with its cloud-gaming features a long while away. It also however, takes a few steps back and since quite a few features and seemingly basic functions are missing at launch, consumers will need to justify their $400 purchase based on what games are available and truth be told, there are no “killer apps” that aren’t playable on other platforms.

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Mr_Danski1798d ago

Nice review. Cant wait to pick up my Ps4 when it hits the UK!

Ketzicorn1798d ago

Can't wait untill you can join the greatness. The PS4 is awesome.

thorstein1798d ago

I have it. I lLOVE it. And I am playing the hell out of it. Picked up the Lego Marvel game, downloaded (for free) Warframe, DC Online, and Blacklight Retribution and (PS Plus) Resogun and Contrast.

I think that is pretty hefty software for a launch without having to drop a dime extra (I have been PS plus for awhile).

However, I am running into a problem with this review as the UI is really just a sleeker, faster XMB. It doesn't seem any "better." You get the tiling when you select a particular part of the new XMB or whatever they are calling it.

My "what's new" doesn't show anything. The store is still the store, better, faster, but still just the store.

And the PS App, just doesn't work. I have downloaded and installed it for my Droid 3 times. Each time clearing the cache and it still doesn't work. Sure, it recognized my PS4, but it doesn't let me put in the code. Disappointing, but not a gamebreaker.

It is without a doubt a gaming console though. And with all these titles, I am LOVING the PS4.

e3kehoe1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I love mine! But there are somethings just missing. I think it should do a lot of things that the ps3 did. Like photos 3d bluray maybe being able to at least change the back ground color. And other little stuff. Dont get me wrong not a deal breaker. I hope that some of this stuff is implemented later on. At least doing the 3d bluray because I've got a bunch of and I moved my ps3 into my room and it would be odd to have movie night in bed with the whole family.

FamilyGuy1798d ago

I'm annoyed by all the stuff I use on a daily basis that the PS3 has that PS4 doesn't, most notably playback of digital media files, streaming, mp3s, photo gallery. It's not a deal breaker, I still have my PS3 after all, just surprising that they wouldn't have all that stuff from the start. There are also options missing, like selecting to pause a download to prioritize an order when downloading multiple things.
The games, speed, stream watching and internet browser are all great improvements though. I hope the updates come soon.

Something not system related also bugged me a bit, the lack of game demos. The only game I noticed that had a demo was Trine 2: The Complete Story so far.