Should easily attainable Achievements or Trophies be abolished

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Over the past few weeks I have been playing a lot of games; however, I have noticed something that is not only starting to annoy me, but also make me kinda feel like I haven’t truly earned my Xbox Gamerscore or PlayStation Trophy count.

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lastofgen1798d ago

Doesn't bother me.
Some are easy, some are medium, and some take some work to get. Though I do wish we would get more like 'mile high club.'

Benchm4rk1797d ago

Oh the satisfying feeling I got when I finally got the mile high achievement. Took me forever lol

minimur121797d ago

for most games, yes, but for games like little big planet, no. :D

Master-H1797d ago

That must have been crazy, still haven't figured out yet why the asshats at Infinity Ward chose not to patch trophy support for the ps3 version of Cod4..

lassenwolf1798d ago

The challenge is the game . Why do you play for trophies or to play the game? Who cares if you get all of them in 5 minutes. Sounds like you can get them on xbox1 just to watch movies or such. I can get them on my windows phones. If they are going to be used then they need new ways to move them forward or buy a wiiu and don't worry about them.Btw I have Wiiu

gamingisnotacrime1797d ago

Is all fun and games, no need to be hardcore to get some trophies

feraldrgn1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Heck No.
You have to get harder Trophies too, to get a Platinum.

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The story is too old to be commented.