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"When you look past the gorgeous visuals, Killzone: Shadow Fall is a competent shooter in terms of both campaign gameplay and multiplayer offerings. It may not be the most innovative title on the market, but it’s certainly one of the top stars of the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup."

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MRMagoo1231850d ago

Another 8, this game is doing really well in the reviews now we have the biased sites out of the way, something i noticed with knack as well.

Majin-vegeta1850d ago

Yea just go on twitxh and youll various streams of these gamrs.Seems people do enjoy them.

Madderz1850d ago


Yeah, even with the seemingly "bad" reviews, I've watched a fair few streams, mostly online and i have to say it actually looks quite good and people seem impressed with it!

Can't get my hands on it till 29th though ;(

callahan091849d ago

I am liking the single player campaign just fine so far. The graphics are even better than the videos made it seem, and certainly better than some of the reviewers are saying. I saw a review where the writer claimed it didn't look any better than the PS3 games, and that is just a flat out lie.

The shocking thing for me is how amazing the interiors look. When there are lots of surfaces for light to play off of, bounce, reflect, create shadows and god rays, etc. the lighting and graphics in this game are unlike anything I have ever seen before. The exteriors just don't do the lighting system justice so for me they aren't as awe inspiringly beautiful, but the graphics in the larger outdoor environments are still very nice. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet... I like the story in the campaign and some of the level designs and set pieces are really cool and fun to play.

My biggest complaint right now is the saving system, which I haven't been able to fully comprehend yet. It seems that if you don't get to a new section (as defined by the actual in game chapter & section selector), sometimes you will lose all progress that you've made within the current section if you quit the game and reload your save. That was frustrating to me, as in the second chapter of the game I played through the 2nd section of that chapter for about 40 minutes and got nearly to the end and had to turn the game off and when I went to start again I was all the way back at the beginning of the section, which comprised like 8 or 9 checkpoints worth of action. Kind of frustrating that the game doesn't seem to just save your progress at each checkpoint. Honestly, I don't really feel safe turning the game off unless it is right at the start of a new chapter. For fear of losing progress, and that really sucks. But other than that non-gameplay related design issue, I think the graphics and gameplay are utterly top notch in this game.

DivineAssault 1850d ago

This review is pretty fair imo.. So was IGNs.. Its an 8 to me.. It looks STUNNING & is fun but theres alot of places where u fall to your doom & little things like debris that will prevent you from continuing to walk.. I hate clutter that stops you from moving & looking around finding out where to go then end up in a pit

Goku7811850d ago

Felt the same way but feels rewarding once we finally figure it out.


Where is team chat, thats my only complaint in this amazing game.

Masterchief_KOK1850d ago

This game solid 9 even though like halo series more

Nykamari1850d ago

You my friend have a bubble! Love the honesty!

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