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While Shadow Fall may be best representation of the PS4’s visuals, Need for Speed Rivals is the best representation of its power.

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RDF1800d ago

This game just looks Sexy.... Cant wait to play.

spike1800d ago

This game is my favourite ps4 game I have.

PS4isKing_821800d ago

Got this, cod, killzone and AC4 today. Loving this game a lot.

Go PS4!!

memots1800d ago

i like it, a bit disappointed with the frame rate , its dropping once in a while. And there is no real innovation in the game really. We have seen this formula before in other NFS, But its still a lot of fun and very pretty.

DrJones1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

The framerate issue will be adressed in a patch.

Brugal1800d ago

I'm waiting for this to be shipped. I haven't put a disc in the PS4 yet because of Resogun.

Scatpants1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Yeah stupid amazon isn't delivering my copy until Wednesday. I would have cancelled it and bought it at the store if I didn't use my free game code to get it.

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