The RPG’s Of Next Gen (It’s Not All Guns And Sport)

With the next generation looking like it will be dominated by First Person Shooters and sports titles, Dirtypixel Gaming take a look at whats on offer for the gamer who likes a lot more game for their dollar.

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_QQ_1824d ago

I wish RPGs/JRPGS swapped places with Shooters/sports games, only popularity not annual releases.

Relientk771824d ago

I'm hoping for next-gen to be like this

fenome1824d ago

That's what killed me about this gen (last gen, whatever) I got my new system and new tv and then got stuck with a bunch of shooters.. I came off of the PS2 and that was RPG heaven, what happened??

I certainly hope things go different this gen..

contradictory1824d ago

i had EXACT same experience coming from PS2 too...
i'm feeling you man.

zep1824d ago

man its like every game last gen had a gun on it i grew tired of it why they cant make those rpgs like in the ps1 and ps2? is it realy hard?

AnotherProGamer1824d ago

If that happened than people would hate RPGs because a lot of developers would make a lot of generic RPGs and oversaturate the genre

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ATiElite1824d ago

Hopefully Consoles will get Guild Wars 2!

It's such a GRAND Game!

Next Gen machines will see a ton of MMORPG's which is good because I know consolers have to be TIRED of FPS and COD clones

Foxgod1824d ago

Pc and consoles for Wrpg,s, and 3ds for jrpg,s, that pretty much covers it.

Gambit_the_White1824d ago

They forgot to add Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

fenome1824d ago

I'm hoping they release some new info on this soon.. I want a GOOD game set in this universe so bad. I'm just hoping they really go in on it, I'm sick of generic games in this setting. It's a perfect environment for a videogame

Gambit_the_White1824d ago

Yeah, I've been waiting for a LotR RPG game my whole life. Just imagine a Elder Scrolls-like LotR game... Oh my god... I think the only reason we haven't seen a game like that yet is because EA was hogging the license for so long, releasing crap fighting games.

1824d ago
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