Foxconn Intern Claims to Have Sabotaged PS4 Manufacture

Corrupted Cartridge writes "According to a snapshot of a deleted forum post, the interns at a Foxconn manufacturing plant in Yantai, China have sabotaged the PS4."

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Mikelarry1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

oh boy boy boy boy, i think i need move to a desert island and come back after the 29th

edit: one thing i did notice tho is i am sure MS used foxconn as well but from the article "The intern notes that because Foxconn didn’t treat them well, they didn’t treat the PS4 well. He/she says “The ps4 console we assemble can be turned on at best" does that mean the user had a vendetta against sony and not foxxconn.

HelpfulGamer1800d ago

That's no big problem, My japanese PS4 release date is February 24 2014! We have to wait the longest! XD

TomShoe1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@Helpful At least your PS4s will be solid and free of bugs.

@Mike They messed up the PS4s because they had an issue against Foxconn not Sony. Sony's just getting the brunt of the retaliation.

I swear, if they mess up my PS4, I'm going to go to Foxconn and build a new PS4 myself. Still, they need to treat their employees better. You do not want to be viewed as a slave employer to other businesses.

PoSTedUP1800d ago

i said this... the ps4's that the chinese students worked on Are having problems, i wouldnt have guessed Sabotage tho! that sucks (mostly for them) but also for the bricked ps4's owners. good boy, warrantee. bad, slave labor, bad.

gamesR4fun1800d ago

this bites

but maybe it will wake up people to the real price of corporate greed

fact is they only save a few dollars per unit by rapping the poor for cheep labor

Palaven1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

If this is true then I guess the article from a few months ago about forced labor that Sony fans downplayed is a major issue after all. Seems more like someone trying to deflect the blame away from Sony though.

OrangePowerz1800d ago


What has been dismissed? We all know that Foxxcom has crappy working conditions, but every other company uses them as well including MS. every single major electronic device is made by Foxcomm.

4Sh0w1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

hmmm couldn't read it as its all in Chinese.

Really if that's the case why just ps4? Why haven't they sabotaged every other consumer electronics device made at FoxConn. Laptops, pc's, monitors, tvs, cell phones, consoles, etc, etc all should have a high failure rate then or this is just BS by some obscure site looking to pass the blame. Its not like however Foxconn treats them it just started with ps4 manufacturing. Sure it could very well be a Foxconn defective issue but not because of sabotage which makes little sense under the circustances because all electronics products have a Quality Control(QC) process, so this would indicate that didn't happen on a massive scale. Seems some are looking for a scapegoat. I'd think it'd be better to wait to hear from sony before starting conspiracy theories.

PoSTedUP1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@4show: (IF this is true) a rapid spike in demand for the ps4 in such a short peroid of time (record breaking demand, at that) would be the reason. they would have been pushed harder than they ever have and more than likely would rebel all of a sudden, in this case. that would be the distinction with "why just with the ps4?" imo. what you also said could be possible, right now it is all just a conspiracy. they dont test all of the consoles that go out, and we dont know how many were manufactured by foxconn, sony gets manufacturing from a bunch of different locations. that would be crazy if true tho. hopefully sony has a response.

MorePowerOfGreen1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I can't believe somebody would plant such nonsense. Blame it workers sabotage LMAO

Sony had no Quality control they just left the console to workers and never tested them :/

The PS4 spec upgrade due to Sony tying to one up MSFT's leaked XB1 specs and the copying of XB1 functionality is the cause.

MarkusMcNugen1800d ago

I just hope this isnt true. I cant say I blame the workers if true for trying to retaliate in some way, or someone trying to stick up for these people working in deplorable conditions; but if true this is not the way to do it.

If there are any issues with any of the consoles I hope they get resolved sooner than later. Both the Xbox One and PS4 will be awesome pieces of technology.

Sathur1799d ago

I made a comment yesterday on this very subject. By the time the PS4 is released in Japan, most if not all the bugs will be ironed out. That is a big case for those who decide to wait until next year.

Gekko361799d ago

@TomShoe WOA be careful man. China maybe socialist state but to suggest slavery is liable.

Watch yourself man you could get yourself into trouble.

As for assembly line tampering, the odds of deliberate sabotage suggests QA didn't pick any of them up.

This sounds more like a spin story focussing on anything other than the production design and QA at Foxconn or an issue with Sony using manufacture.

If that's the case MS may have the same issue unless they had more input with foxconn on production methodology

forcefullpower1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Also people think that a couple of interns broke loads of ps4's lol. They know who puts together which batch's of machines together. They also test machine from each worker over a period of time. Interns would NOT magically be able to continually break machines they build.

Have any of you even seen a production line someone would not be able to break dozens of machines without the next worker seeing the problem.

ChrisW1799d ago


I highly doubt that Foxconn is going to go after TomShoe simply because he mentioned "slave" in his comment.

But if you want to be politically correct about the conditions at Foxconn, it's called "Forced Labor."

Consoldtobots1799d ago

Lol rgardless of where n4G is located if you are in america you are free to speak your mind and foxconn can go pound sand

Ares84HU1799d ago

So the question is, how do we find out if we got one made there??

Also, a major lawsuit is in the future because this will hurt Sony's reputation. Guess that is the last time they used foxxcom.

Dehnus1799d ago

Aww cute, you'll be going to FoxCon and build your PS4 yourself.
*So you'll be making 12 hour days.
*Being beaten if you don't work hard enough.
*Having to pay for your sleeping place.
*Not allowed to leave the compound.
*Suicide nets around you to prevent you from taking the "easy way out".
*And are not allowed to form a union on the punishment of jailtime for a LOOOONG time.

The list goes on and on..
Man you would not last a week ;). Neither would I ;).

AliTheSnake11799d ago

Let's go to war with china !

Dee_911799d ago

Well luckily we have warranties, but this sucks for Sony if true even though Foxconn only made a fraction of the PS4's.But again if this is true and if this news gets big enough I don't see many companies working with Foxconn for a long time.Really sucks that these interns were forced to work there though.. just a really crappy situation... if it is true of course.

tawak1799d ago

but your my bitch,shut up and bend over

SaturdayNightBeaver1799d ago

but you will get a console that is fully working and ready to be used. thats a difference worth a wait for sure..

XisThatKid1799d ago

Yup U.S. has a higher tolerance for defective hardware as a mass not facts just my opinion.

badz1491799d ago


"Sony had no Quality control they just left the console to workers and never tested them :/"

Talk like a real unknowledgeable person. You think ANY company in the world get their stuff from factories and then open them and test every single unit? QC should have been done BEFORE the thing gets inside the box and the next time the box is opened is by the customers themselves!

Test for every single unit is only practical if you only make 1000 units available a month. The PS4 has sold 1000000 units in 24H! Good luck doing unit-by-unit test for THAT! That is why we have this thing called manufacturer's warranty!

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christheredhead1800d ago

Probably not. Foxconn is a MASSIVE manufacturing company with employess across hundreds of divisions. They have a pretty solid history of poor working conditions, so it's not beyond the realm of possibilty that this sort of thing happens.

Just throw out any random company that uses manufactured goods and they most likely use Foxconn. I see thousands of boxes from them at my job and I work in a voice and networking department. I doubt it has anything to do with Sony as a specific target of retaliation.

PoSTedUP1800d ago

i could see them doing it specifically for the ps4. considering the rapidly inclining demand in such a short ammount of time; i wouldnt doubt they were worked to death more than usual and decided to rebel. the ps4's demand shattered records, and spirits... apparently. (if this is true)

Shake_Zula1800d ago

Either way, I think Foxconn just lost a contract. Hopefully we see another company take the rise from this situation, because any way you slice it, the problem belongs to Foxconn's leadership for treating their employees like crap.

Mike134nl1799d ago

Would assume any decent manufacturing line has some quality controll allong the line of the production and assembly of the product.

Reefskye1799d ago

How would any other company be any better? Companies like Foxconn are used because they are in countries with very cheap labour.. Make a PS4 in any western country and the thing will cost 4x as much as it does manufactured in China, Foxconn employees already get paid 3x as much as any other hardware manufacture in china since the disgust with Foxconn has be going on for years.. changing manufacture wont make a single difference.

The problem is money

warczar1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


It's called child labor, and prison labor, and forced labor, and the problem is greed not money.

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zeal0us1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

The intern's vendetta(if this turns out true) more than likely is against Foxconn possibly due over-working or poor work treatment. Almost every year we hear a complaint about Foxconn. Either its workers committing suicide, over-working employees or poor work environment. With both Sony and Microsoft releasing their consoles in multiple countries, no telling how much(and long) the foxconn employees are working just to assemble them.

Rhaigun1799d ago

It's not true. All launch PS4's were manufactured at this plant. Mine works just fine.

Mikelarry1800d ago

its guaranteed i am getting and extended warranty on mine. one would think foxconn would have improved staff relations after the iPhone fiasco and now this.

DeadMansHand1800d ago

Exactly. I paid 39.99 for a replacement plan at GameStop. If my ps4 goes TU then I bring it in and swap it out for a new one.

yeahokchief1799d ago

I wouldnt recommend an extended warranty.

Some warranties only cover 1 replacement so say you replace it in the first year or so then you just wasted like 80 bucks on a $400 device.

The smartest thing to do is to wait for a 2nd generation with bigger hard drive or improved manufacturing processes.

Rhaigun1799d ago

With the Sony 2-year plan, it covers it for the length of the warranty. So, it is worth it. Besides, even if you only replace it once, you're ahead the price of a second console. Your math is flawed.

Akuma2K1799d ago

I got the 2 year warranty so I don't have to worry about any problems.

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PSjesus1800d ago

According to whom?any one knows Chinese are professionals,i want Sony to sue Polygon and their shi*ty journalism,also foxxcon made every thing from ios devices to all gaming consoles

Tapewurm1799d ago

How can you tell where your unit was manufactured? Mine is running great still..... hoping this is just rumor.

BallsEye1799d ago fanboys are the funniest. First sayin ps4 and sony is perfect, it's best hardware company bla bla bla, it has best games etc. Now that games has been pushed back "it's ok! Greatness awaits!" , sony drm policies revealed (been ditched by sony when they saw community response about ms policies) "it's ok sony loves gamers!". Now there is around 50% failure rate with ps4, amazon flooded with complaints and 1 star rating, official sony forums with hundreds of pages about broken ps4's , wobbling issues, cheap plastic on controllers that get chipped off, etc etc and fanboys now make up a sabotage theory! What the hell is wrong with you people??

frostypants1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Dude...get a life. Microsoft isn't gonna pay you for fellating them.

JessiePinkmanYo1799d ago

Ballseye, it's week we'll see how "smooth" the X1 release goes. "50% negative reviews on Amazon", people don't go online to write good reviews, they go online to bitch. Of all the hundreds of bad reviews, think of the many more too busy to write a review because they're too busy enjoying their PS4 to be bothered, myself included.
Before you label me as a Sony fanboy, I'll see you in line at midnight on the 22nd picking up my X1. I just think it's stupid to wish or make fun of any failures of ANY console/handheld release. One last-Foxconn makes the Xbox too, and I doubt a poor Chinese factory gives one shit about which console he sabatoges

AgitatedOcelot1799d ago

I know what you mean. This whole console launch has been exhausting. I don't know if I can make it through the Xbox launch next week.

It's information overload with all this crap already.

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whoyouwit041800d ago

I think this is just some sony fan boy posting this to but the blame for faulty consoles on someone other then the company responsible which is sony.

Mikelarry1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

you do know ms uses foxxconn as well


@ below

how does banning a user getting a console early fix the issue of a possible sabotage at the manufacturing plant?????

shaenoide1800d ago

Yep but MS wa smart enough to ban early users :)

M-M1800d ago


I can't believe you just used that as a defense lol.

Kryptix1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

lol Sony designed the layout and chose the pieces, Foxconn puts the pieces together. If it's a software problem that causes the bricks, fine, that's Sony but if the system won't start or display anything because of defected/faulty hardware or bad placement then that's on the manufacturer.

jcnba281800d ago

Anybody's fault but sony's right? So by your logic then the 360's RROD would also be Foxconn's fault since they were assembled there too?

Nujabes_1800d ago

You fanboys shift your opinions like crazy. So it's official then: RROD wasn't Microsoft's fault, it was Foxconn's.

Kryptix1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

PS3 was also manufactured by Foxconn but didn't have a high failure rate like Xbox 360.

It wasn't Foxconn but the GPU during that RROD fiasco.

"The Xbox 360 recall a year ago happened because "Microsoft wanted to avoid an ASIC vendor," said Lewis. Microsoft designed the graphic chip on its own, cut a traditional ASIC vendor out of the process and went straight to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., he explained."

Notice the part where it says, "Microsoft designed the graphic chip on it's own."

The graphics chip on the 360 produced a lot of heat which melted the soldering and caused the RROD. Why do you think Xbox 360s always had different chips like the Athlon chip and the Jasper chip.

Try not to bring back old issues without researching first. ;)

PS4 failure rate is the same as the PS3's Yellow Light of Death, wasn't the design, just the way it was pieced together.

Enemy1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It's like every Xbox kiddy this generation redefines delusion on a daily basis.


(inserts new dumbest comment of all time)

They don't realize normal human beings are reading their posts.

Nujabes_1800d ago

Oh the irony. You mock people for writing dumb comments then you immediately proceed to write a dumb comment. Gold.

speedforce1311799d ago

this is so true I can't even begin to comment

JasonKCK1800d ago

There isn't enough info available to know where the fault is.

sinjonezp1800d ago

How about we all blame amd. They providing the GPu soc and other parts. They should have went with a higher quality board and took a little bit more loss. But if this true, look out for major back lash.

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Deltaohio1800d ago

Lol don't intend on getting a PS4 at all but I have to say I called it. If this is true it really wasn't hard to see.

Deltaohio1800d ago

It just seemed likely that would be the cause. Have you not heard the news about Foxconn? When you mistreat your workers things like this tend to happen.
And yes I called it lol
And I honestly do see why there are so many dislikes. This shit ain't rocket science.

FlameHawk1800d ago

Sigh, I happened to have gotten one of the messed up PS4's, didn't even get to see the boot up, nothing but blank screen. Never been disappointed so much, now I gotta wait 2 weeks or something to get and the wait is going to kill me -.-

specialguest1800d ago

Whenever I see foxconn mentioned, I immediately think of Metal Gears.