What Are Your Thoughts on the PS4's User Interface?

Push Square: "There was a time when a console’s interface consisted of little more than a digital clock and a save data protocol, but the PlayStation 3 era changed all of that. Microsoft can be perhaps credited for the improvement, as the Xbox 360 deployed with a cavalcade of features as part of its classic ‘Blades’ hub – but Sony’s former flagship format evolved over time, too, implementing streaming services such as Netflix and more detailed profiles after the device’s launch."

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GribbleGrunger1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

My thoughts are: I was holding out and hoping I'd be able to pick one up at launch but having seen how smooth the UI was, I decided to pre-order. The PS4 Twitch community is already thriving and I'd like to join in ASP!

Majin-vegeta1796d ago

I just wanna see you get your butt handed to you :3.

*Back to Blacklight i go :p*

GribbleGrunger1796d ago

My butt WILL be handed to me, I'm terrible at FPS.

teedogg801795d ago

How is Blacklight? I haven't downloaded it yet?

NeoTribe1795d ago

The interface is great. The network is fucked. Cant do anything. Ea servers won't work either. Sucks.

RedDevils1795d ago

That's because there too many people want sign in at the same time

Deeloc1795d ago

Right now it is good but i think it's gonna change when gaikai comes out for it

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The story is too old to be commented.