PlayStation 4 Review: The CheckOut

Sony has created a truly powerful successor to the PlayStation 3 and the PS4 will take off as soon as an exclusive system seller emerges. The hardware is a beast, the controller is phenomenal, the user interface is a breath of fresh air, streaming gameplay is relatively solid and Remote Play is quite useful.

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ChipdiddyChip1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Good review

Chris5581801d ago

why would you judge a system on its games especially at launch.. we all know it will get games xbone only has games because M$ decided to transfer all their xbox 360 exclusives which were intended for 360 not the bone like (DR3,Forza,Ryse(kinect title)

Masterchief_KOK1801d ago

Ms did the smart way bringing dr3 and ryse to xl to prove the hater like you wrong that is more then fps console this time around

Chris5581801d ago

Well you think is better dropping support for games later in the cycle and only focusing on kinect? oh and sure prepare your ass when microsoft gets enough sales they bring back DRM and always online

slimeybrainboy1801d ago

It did that last gen too mate. On 360 they had Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Crackdown, etc. then as soon as MS had there audience hooked they pulled the plug on their exclusives.

That's why I personally don't trust that they will deliver games, sure they have them now, but when they've got their install base, are they still going to keep it up? I don't know.

The PS3 had more exclusives in it's final year than MS has had in the past 2/3, Hopefully MS don't win US market so easily this time and are forced to keep up exclusive production.

Funantic11801d ago

At least they didn't judge the DOA PS4s. Then it wouldn't even have gotten a 7.

ABizzel11801d ago

"Enter Remote Play, the feature that Sony totally didn’t borrow from the Wii U. Not that anyone would know if they did since Nintendo has sold a grand total of 12 consoles in North America. (Guesstimate)"

Credibility lost.

mafiahajeri1801d ago

almost all reviews have been extremely positive but everyone seems to be complaining about the launch titles. If you like the games then its a no brainer.

fractured741801d ago

Yeah good review,nice to see a legit review as well,instead of all this trolling,i have the x1 on order for this week and forza aside was it really worth rushing in to buy it when i have all the latest games any way.I think the x1 will receive a very similar review to this.I already have ps and xb and will be getting both of these when more exclusives come out,forza was the only reason i went for ms console.

Watari3211801d ago

9/10 ps4 good hardware
1/10 xbone for effort

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