Bricked Consoles: Internet and Social Media Give Us Power, but Take Perspective Away

With the launch of the PS4 many customers are complaining about bricked units, and many will most probably complain when the Xbox One will launch as well. Electronics have a failure rate, and that's inevitable.

The widespread use of social media has given us the power to keep corporations on their toes, and that's undeniably positive, but it also removed part of the perspective from the picture, making things look worse than they actually are to the casual onlooker.

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Savantcore1824d ago

Fantastic. No need to say any more, the article gets it right on the mark.

Mikelarry1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

this is why i tend to stay away from most articles reporting bricked ps4 after the first two. it sucks i understand that but pasting it all over social media should be if/when you tried to return it or get a refund and the company was being shady is my personal opinion.

PeaSFor1824d ago

a loud minority will always make it look worst than reality since the silent majority are simply playing without problems, stories are always ridiculously emplified and blown out of proportion because of it.

kingdip901824d ago

I'm sure in a few weeks we will have articles about which company had the most consoles brick... I'm sure it will be well below expected levels from both parties either way

kneon1824d ago

I'm expecting XB1 failures to be quite low. I'm sure they placed extra emphasis on reliability in the design and testing of the product, they can't afford a repeat of the RROD.

harrisk9541824d ago

I posted this earlier on one of those "Amazon PS4 Failure" articles, but the article ultimately failed approval. I think that it is appropriate here:

It is true that anyone can post on Amazon and on any other website. But, you have to keep in mind that most people do not post -- good or bad. The total number of PS3s that Amazon sold was in the tens of thousands. There are 241 1-star reviews and 297 5-star reviews. That is only about 600 people out of tens of thousands! Most people are not having any problems. You have not seen the same thing on (I would say that Best Buy has sold as many, if not more than Amazon). On Best Buy's website, it is 4 and a half stars and there is an 81% recommend to buy rating. No reported failures. On Gamestop's website (and Gamestop probably sold the most in the country), the PS4 has ALL 10s for the most part... No reported failures. Target also was a huge seller, as was Toys-R-Us... No reports of massive, wide-spread failures from those retailers.

Seriously, if it is only 250 consoles reported right now on Amazon with problems (assuming those are real reviews and people hooked the damn thing up right and put it in a ventilated area)... that is a SMALL percentage... There are probably 2 million PS4s in the wild right now. Let's see what happens.

And, by the way, just because there are 241 1-star reviews on Amazon does not mean that half of Amazon-sold PS4s have failed. Geez!.

kneon1824d ago

You also need to consider that grumpy customers are far more likely to post a review than happy customers, so having about the same number of 1 star reviews as 5 star reviews does not mean that half of customers had problems as some clueless "journalists" have tried to claim.

Sarcasm1824d ago

Add in some trolls who pretend to have a PS4 and says its bricked.

The only widespread problem of social media is the stupidity of humans.

Jazz41081824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Hope everyone has a good launch.

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ballisticvoodoo1824d ago

Agreed. One of the better articles I've read in a while.

BBBirdistheWord1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

are you kidding me?

Abrial (aka editor at has been the worst of the worst in submitting the the social media that has mired the XBO since its announcement.

Dualshockers has had a pro ps4 and anti xbo bias from day one, with the occasional balanced article to even the books.

Abriael and dualshockers should be the last of anyone to call out the social media,as they have been one of the worst hit seeking culprits. Dualshockers will take any headline, will latch onto any rumour, will do anything and spin anything to create another headline.

I am hoping that N4g updates its submission system soon to stop people like abrial abusing the submission system.
CAT (the n4g network admin) has promised that the n4g system will get overhauled soon to stop people like abrial abusing the system.

Do some homework, do some research. Abriael is a ps4 fanboy. Dualshockers is a biased website and is abusing the n4g submission system.

This is just shameful, Abriael. You are one of the worst of the social media and now you call out other social media for doing the exact same thing?

It seems you will sell out for any kind of hits to your website. Nice legacy, bud.

Enemy1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

A certain camp will always be desperate enough to "expose" what isn't there. The lengths some people would go is almost as sad as it is pathetic. Just look at the early Amazon reviews. Vague, nonsensical descriptions at best taken to heart by, quite frankly, gullible idiots. Amazon really needs to change up to allow from certified buyers only. I don't know anyone who's having issues with their PS4.

Dojan1231824d ago

I am a certified buyer. Had to return to Amazon today due to BLOD.

@Dojan123 if you need picture proof.

Ketzicorn1824d ago

No one is saying it's nonexistent as the article brings out even with a small percentage of failures the dead consoles will be in the thousands but the numbers are being overblown as to how widespread the problem is as hundreds of thousands are playing with no issue.

OrangePowerz1824d ago

Unfortunately there are some devices broken, but that always happens with every new hardware release. Thatsw the negative point of mass production.

When I get my console in 2 weeks and it breaks I would certainly be upset and vent about it online, but such things are inevitable and given the failure rate one must be very unlucky to get a broken one.

GrandpaSnake1824d ago

not picture proof, video proof with your name on the vid then ill believe.

Belking1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Dual shockers is we all know if this would of been xbox-one they would saying something different. Just admit it, sony screwed up, and it's gonna be costly for them. I feel sorry for the gamers that have to go through dealing with a bricked console, but not for sony. They took chances by using cheaper material and rushed the console to the market trying to beat MS. This is what happens when you don't have a proper QC to test out your product. Now it makes sense as to why we didn't see any retail units being played.

For the one's below claiming they saw retail units being played, you should stop lying. There were no ps4s out there. Sony even wouldn't send them to journalist for a hardware review. Even if xbox-one doesnt have a great launch, the egg is still on you guy's face because you though this ps4 launch was gonna be "such a perfect day". Sony trolled MS and now karma has come back to bite them. Just wait til next week when MS announces new games from Rare and show Halo 5 game play, plus some new hardware stuff. Oh it's gonna be a perfect day alright. I'm no trolling. What i'm saying is the truth. You guys problem is that you can dish it out, but you it seems you can't take it. remember all the stuff about DRM and the famous 180s? Oh yea, the chickens have come home to roost now.

Majin-vegeta1824d ago

Oh Belking i;m just gonna sit back and watch you keep talking smack cuz come next week.It's my turn >:)

1824d ago
buynit1824d ago

What is this... Pre school?

Can i go next.... No! Im next! no no no... Its my turn!

Maybe ms and sony shouldnt of sold the units with a mic, i see a lot of little kids ruining this gens experience..

Abriael1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

If this was Xbox One we'd be saying exactly the same thing. As a matter of fact, we'll say exactly the same thing, because Xbox One won't be a magical piece of hardware with no failure rate, and a ton of reports are going to pop up for it as well.

By the way, we saw tons of retail units being played. Maybe you didn't, but at recent events there were hundreds of them in plain sight.

Great way to waste that single bubble mate :D

MorePowerOfGreen1824d ago

I think you would do the same for XB1. Just after a handful of doom articles.

You would play good cop bad cop(devil's advocate) with XB1 and purely defense with PS4.

This is a fair observation of your site and other pro Sony media that are not radicalized.

BBBirdistheWord1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ abriael

Hey bud.

Instead of attacking users with only a few bubbles, why not address the valid points that are being made?

Here are some established facts about you (and your site) that I have uncovered about you that remain unacknowledged and unaddressed:

- you abuse the n4g submission system and this is being investigated and remediated by senior n4g staff.
(i have evidence)

- you 'gang up' with other dualshockers staff on other posters on n4g when they have a valid point and when they call you on your BS
(i have evidence)

- you latch onto any and all rumours, potential headlines and attention seeking gossip to direct traffic to your site.
(your website is evidence)

- you comment specifically in your own stories (and use dualshockers staff to do the same) to heat up your submissions on n4g to direct more traffic to your website.
(I have evidence)

- you have used the staff from your website to respond in defense of your articles and comments, on your behalf, when you have run out of bubbles.
(i have evidence)

That's just the beginning.

I am embarrassed that so many gamers have been duped by you.
Is there anything trustworthy about you at all?

How on earth do you manage to call out other social media commentators, when you are one of the worst?

Ketzicorn1824d ago

Still wasting that bubble with nonsense and not reading the article. I feel sorry for people that had problems with their console as well but people are failing to realize what they brought out and what I've been saying that even if 2,000 of the 500,000 units which it doesn't even seem like it's been that many are defective it's still a .4% failure rate. If anything you should be worried about Microsoft after last gen they had by far the worst failure rate of any console with higher than 40% and that continued for years.

Silly gameAr1824d ago

Spinning? You've been in every PS4 article spouting doom all day. Everyone knows that you're a bit of an xbox fanboy so no one but you're fellow fanboys will take anything you say to heart.

Mikelarry1824d ago

i unhide your comment to see if you had something interesting to say...... guess i was wrong

Enemy1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I'm pretty sure your 360 died about 10 times due to your 60% failure rate, Belking. Or was it 67%? Could have been as high as 70%.

Considering the reported PS4 failure rate is about (or less than) .04%, this is nothing in comparison to what Microsoft did themselves, and something gamers who know about it will never forget it. We were seeing stories from everyone on every forum. These PS4 stories have been spread using the same one or two sources. That's what's funny about your comment.

Spinking fails once more.

buynit1824d ago

Well damn since you are throwing numbers around, why dont you just say its 100% and call it a day...

EXVirtual1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

You know what? Keep spouting your PS4 doom and your delusions with your one bubble. Because next week, you'll be in for it. Dualshockers in not a biased website. You say all these things as if the XBO will have no failure rate whatsoever. Electronics on launch day are not magical.

XabiDaChosenOne1824d ago

Honestly I highly doubt you actually care about the customers, your fake sympathy is really transparent. I can't wait till next week :-)

OrangePowerz1824d ago

You know what? Stop making baseless claims about stuff you have no idea about.

Enemy1824d ago

Xbox kiddies are the only fanboys that stoop low enough to fabricate a BS story regarding the competition. Just look at MisterX and his followers. Then they wonder why they're considered the worst. The fact that they even take the time to lie shows true (-ly pathetic) dedication to endless butthurt.

static52451824d ago


I'm not a Sonyboy or a XboxKid. I'm a gamer first with common sense. I have a 360 right now and I love it. I have fun playing it. Wish I had a PS3 for some games but I don't which sux. I'm about having fun with games.

There is no spin on this. It's simple math. Hell cars even have a failure rate. And honestly if you heard how many cars need to fail for it to be a problem for the company, you would be worried every time you get in a car.

Sony is not worried, most people aren't worried. Its all good

Happy Driving

isa_scout1824d ago

Agreed, and it's nice to meet you. I'm a fellow gamer to. Sad to think we're a dying breed. I picked up my PS4 at the midnight launch, and am having a helluva good time.
I was gonna wait to pick up a XOne till Titanfall but I actually had more money than I was expecting for the month so I'm gonna try to find a XOne at launch to.
I may prefer playstation more, but a good game is a good game regardless of what controller ur holding,and MS looks like it's gonna have some killer games to.
I hope everyone had/has a smooth awesome launch regardless of what system they pick up.

buynit1824d ago

You know how to get reactions off one bubble!

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Trekster_Gamer1824d ago

Well stated. The Xbox One would have to have a pretty bad launch to match the PS4's.

I think it will me more smooth, I think the hardware QA was tested better given what happened with the first part of the 360's lifecycle.

I think updates and XBL will prove how superior they are.

XB1 almost here!!

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level 3601824d ago

Good or bad it does help gauge where the manufacturer needs to send out patches to download and in some ways hardware upgrades in the future.

Also for us gamers' who will be getting theirs sometime soon to know what to look out for.

And yes this has always been inevitable. Includes every single company that has both small and big production pipelines.

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