Twinfinite: Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition Review: They Didn’t Enhance Enough

Okay so in the interest of full disclosure I have never played Dungeons and Dragons before. I have also never played a Baldur’s Gate game. With that being said, playing Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition makes absolutely no god damned sense. It’s pretty much an exercise in confusion and frustration.

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abradley1794d ago

Well, I think the fact that you put the game down in points because you didn't understand who the characters were or what the story was about because of your own negligence is a little silly. That would be like me playing the third Mass Effect only to go, what the fuck is going and why should I give a fuck.

If your going to review a sequel, make sure you've either reviewed the previous game or story isn't a major part of playing that said game. Baldur's Gate is famous for its story, I would have thought someone who's been playing games for twenty years would have at least heard of it. That should have given you a slight clue.

P.S. not to hate too much on your review but the combat in Baldur's Gate replicates the board games of D&D. Play them and you'll realise missing is part of the game.

Murad1794d ago

I agree actually, especially considering the fact that most cRPG are based off of Baldur's Gate and it's very detailed in-depth storyline.

Xof1794d ago

This "review" is a travesty.

You could remove half the content from BG2 and you'd still have the greatest RPG of all time.