Today in History: November 16th, 1993- ActrRaiser 2 Debuted on the Super Nintendo

Triverse writes, "ActRaiser 2 is one of those titles that had a storyline hit EXTREMELY hard by Nintendo censorship. From level bosses to the actual name of your character, Nintendo enjoyed a sweeping motion of the red ink on this ones story. Still, the game came out quite a success, reportedly selling at just over 2 to 1 versus the Japanese version (that had the better storyline due to correct names) in the United States."

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XboxFun1850d ago

And fans of Actraiser wept when the sequel was released. They left out the biggest component of the game that made it stand out and fun.

What a waste of a classic.

triverse1850d ago

I think they went with the feedback they got at the time. Most felt the strategy elements were tacked on. I think it would have been cool had they expanded them rather than removed them though.

XboxFun1849d ago

Really, I remember everyone loving that part of the game. I'm pretty sure even reviews way back then were digging that part.

Who knows though, it was a while back.

I do remember being very disappointed that the sim part was taken out.

ATiElite1850d ago

A new Modern ActRaiser needs to be Made and made like an Open world First Person or third Person RPG game.

And make it available for PC

ActRaiser is a Cool game.