Pixelitis Staff Musings: Someone needs to make a new franchise

"For the sake of everything we love, I think it’s time for something new.

A common critique of modern gaming deals with the absurd number of sequels that occupy today’s market. Almost every highly anticipated title is, in some way, related to a pre-existing franchise. There are direct sequels, sequels to sequels, remakes and reboots as far as the eye can see. Many series have stopped numbering their games altogether just to simply to avoid the embarrassment of releasing a title like Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Why now, when technology is at its finest and videogames are closer than ever to finding their artistic place in everyday culture, do we as consumers choose to repeat the past instead of moving forward? There are plenty of good sequels and franchises that are still going strong, but must we milk everything dry until every franchise resembles modern day Sonic?" - Stephen Hilger

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medman1822d ago

I have no idea what this author is complaining about. There were more new franchises developed this current generation than any previous generation before it. And we've already witnessed many new Ip's coming for this next gen. So what exactly is the problem? Some of the games I'm most looking forward to next gen so far are brand new Ip's, such as The Division, Destiny, Watch_Dogs, The Order:1886 etc. etc. I'm also looking forward to continued franchises like Uncharted, Mass Effect, Infamous, The Witcher etc. etc. all of which were new Ip's for the last gen. I've only listed triple A titles I'm interested in simply for the sake of brevity, but the amount of unique indies and triple A titles for 360 and ps3 this gen was staggering, and PS4 is continuing that great support for unique titles in the indie market as well as giving their first parties the freedom to take chances and create unique products like The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, or Little Big Planet. Maybe I'm not understanding where you're coming from, but I don't think gaming has ever been quite so diverse in it's content or quality.