Ubisoft Struggling With AC4 PC Version

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – A reliable source spoke to Pixeled Courier yesterday about the reasons behind the delay of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’s PC version. He was able to confirm some of the suspicions the gaming community has had regarding previous Assassin’s Creed PC ports.


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pwnsause_returns1801d ago

how do you struggle while making a PC game -_-

Enemy1801d ago

Lol it's satire, man. Pretty funny.

ATiElite1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

As a PC Gamer you can take another 6 months to release ACIV PC! With StarCitizen ALpha going live in December NO PC Gamer really gives a CRAP about ACIV!

If I really wanted to play ACIV I would of bought a PS3/X360.

Take your time, NO rush, I got X-Rebirth to fulfill my gaming needs.

ALSO ubisoft DOES NOT hate PC Gamers.

The Anno series, The Settlers Series, and Heroes of Might and Magic series are three OUTSTANDING PC Exclusives made by Ubisoft

Now Ubisoft's Multiplat ports have sucked as of late but their PC Exclusives are GREAT.

"Do we at Ubisoft loathe PC gamers with every fiber of our corporate being? Possibly. Are we releasing a PC version of Assassin’s Creed 4 anyways? Grudgingly. Just buy a PS4, guys. Please?”"

"Just buy a PS4, guys. Please?" LOL this must have been before PS4 launch!

Nice satire Piece though!

HammerKong1801d ago

hey who said apc gamer dont care about ac games ,we pc gamers not only uses to play fps games or rpg's but we play every game at possible best graphics ,unlike evry console gamer pc gamers use to be the most hard core gamers especialy the one with high end pc's ,i have bought both xb360 and ps3 and have recieved my ps4 and will get my xb1 on 22nd,but still i love the pc gaming the most it makes me feels like a true gamer ,especialy playing fps games and we also love the 3rd person view games as we muvh love the fps and i love the ac franchise and have not preorderd my ac4 on any console but for pc ,and i'am really waiting for it,ubisoft cares about every type of gaming media they also use to bring their games on flop wiiu because they care and expect good sales,and with the help of nvidai i belive ac4 on pc will look best and play best ,i've played every ac game on my pc and it feels best on it,yeah i also use to do gaming on consoles and expecting great time with xb1 because of it exclusives and multimedia features and also same with ps4 exclusives.

CrossingEden1800d ago

Try reading more than just the title next time.

Adexus1801d ago

"UPDATE: Turns out the source was a raging alcoholic with no connections to or affiliations with Ubisoft whatsoever. Still seems reliable, though."

Hahaha, my favourite part.

PhantomT14121801d ago

For me, PS3 AC3 was a lot more buggy than the PC version.

HammerKong1801d ago

never played it on ps3 but i know ac3 was best on xb360,i dont know the reason ,i buyied it on pc also it was very buggy and my friend bought it on ps3 and was also very buggy ,one friend of my friend buied it on xb360 and i also played on it it was far better than ps3 and pc version but i usualy use to play ac games on pc and other exclusives on consoles ,i'am having both last gen consoles and have recently got ps4 and will get xb1 on launch day.

kingduqc1801d ago

Yo people, click the link before commenting... It's not what you think it is. It's meant to be funny. (Btw not sure how this is news but thanks for the read none the less)

WeAreLegion1800d ago

The Onion does satire well. This is too close to a real story for it to be satire.