Shuhei Yoshida Gives Five Reasons to Buy a PS4 Instead of a Xbox: Power, 1080p, Price and More

SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is obviously proud of Sony’s new brainchild, the PS4, and he didn’t shy away from giving five reasons why customers should think about purchasing a PS4 instead of an Xbox when asked a very direct question.

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alexkoepp1796d ago

His only valid point might be the $100 price difference, but you get what you pay for...

GiggMan1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

So being more powerful isn't a plus?

As far as the price "you get what you pay for" everyone doesn't want Kinect or a Kinect alternative. MS bundled Kinect to justify the $500 price tag.

If MS didn't add Kinect do you think they would have charged $400? Is a Kinectless Xbox One worth $400? Not if you compare it to the PS4 it isn't.

Kinectless Xbox One is a $350 console at best.

Ezz20131796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

100$ less ,more powerful, most if not all games run at 1080p native at higher setting

but i don't agree on launch titles
both launch titles from MS and Sony are not really something you would kill to play them
but next year we gonna see tons of AAA exclusives from sony though

Enemy1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

If power isn't a plus to you, you should stick with your flawed nostalgia mentality and keep progression from happening in your world.

VGAs will see many meltdowns after Sony's 1st parties show their stuff. We already got Uncharted out of the way, which will probably win GOTY.

InFamous: Second Son and DriveClub coming in less than 3 months.

What's next? Sony Bend's game? Sony Santa Monica's games (2 are well into development, third is already confirmed), Media Molecule's game? The Order: 1886 gameplay? Guerrilla's new IP? Quantic Dream's new IP? It will not stop for PlayStation. With every month that goes by, it only gets bigger.

Everyone has to just get used to it. Hating won't stop the facts from spreading.

CJDUNCAN1796d ago

More power is useless if it's not harnessed correctly. Needing patches to run a game at 1080p? That's not native, that's called updating. I guess X1 won't be able to run any games at 1080 though..oh wait, Forza, EA UFC, and whatever games that will come will all have the ability to be at 1080p if they CHOOSE to.

This guy sounds worse than the fanatics.

Anywho, the PS4 is a cool machine. After a day with it I can't deny that it has awesome capabilities and the games look NICE!! But FOR ME, the stumbling block is the controller. The design is awkward with the huge touchpad in the middle and the share and options buttons sitting in little crevices.

Although I like the concaved triggers FINALLY, they are concaved horizontally rather than vertically. Maybe it's just my preference, but a trigger on a controller should IDK, actually be a trigger?

Overall like I said it's a great machine, great looking games, and the only setback TO ME is the clunky feeling controller. Not for me in the end, i'm glad my brother enjoys it though.

Qrphe1796d ago

Price is why they'll probably stay on top this gen

LOGICWINS1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

^^The $100 difference will be a non-factor in 2014 once MS starts bundling games with the One at NO additional charge. I can GUARANTEE you that when XB1 game bundles come out in the U.S.(Halo, Titanfall etc.), your still going to pay $499. This was their plan all along.

Even now, the fact that the XB1 includes Kinect 2 and has features that extend far beyond a gaming console justifies that extra $100 for many people. Don't take my word for it...its sold out.

EDIT: LOL @ the disagrees. They're already doing this with Fifa and Forza in Europe. A full fledged game at no additional cost.
You think they aren't going to try this in the U.S...the biggest gaming market?

As far as features, I want whatever Yoshidas smoking.

Reason 2 is bull. The XB1 arguably has the better variety of AAA exclusive games at launch. The PS4's line up has been deemed to be weak by nearly every publication thats reviewed it.

Reason 4 is a draw. Both Sony and MS have 1st and 3rd party studios working on games. No one has the clear advantage here. We haven't seen what these devs are up to. Its too early to tell.

The only reason that holds water is the one regarding power.

alexkoepp1796d ago


I am buying a ps4, but I won't ever buy the camera so I don't need a light bar on my controller, I also do not want a touchpad forced on me, why doesn't Sony offer me cheaper controllers without that stuff?

GiggMan1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@Logic. If I can get Kinect, plus a good game (TitanFall or Halo) and throw in a Live subscription for $499 I'd bite.

Until then I can't see myself paying over $400 already owning a PS4.

Also what is to stop the PS4 from doing these bundles? Especially if it gets out to a substantial sells lead. (Infamous bundle for example)

GiggMan1796d ago

@AlexKoepp that's just stupid.

The PS4 controller cost the exact same as the Xbox One controller. No one is forcing a touchpad on you and raising the price lol.

If that's the case I'm sure their will be plenty of third party controllers released that you can plug into the PS4...

1nsomniac1796d ago

I've heard a few people say this lately, what exactly do you think your getting for £100 extra that makes it better than it's more powerful competitor for £100 less.

I'm genuinely interested in knowing?

LOGICWINS1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@Giggman- You will. Its only a matter of waiting a few months. If you want to stick with the PS4 thats fine too. I'll have them both by 2015 regardless.

1nsomniac, power isn't everything. Its whats done with that power that counts.

1) People want the more innovative, personalized UI on the XB1.

2) People want the 1080p Kinect 2 (720 p camera for the Eyetoy 2) which tracks multiple limbs at a time(ideal for fitness and dance games) and great for Skype.

3) People want the HBO and ESPN apps on Day 1.

4) People want to play with their friends who spend most of their time on XBL and are used to the system.

5) People want to play Halo

6) MOST people dont own suped up gaming PCs, so they want to play Titanfall on the console that they know their friends will have.

7) Some people who game like watching TV just as much (shocking I know). They like that they can effortlessly switch back and forth between their game and cable television.

8) Because Kinect 2 is packed into every XB1, devs will happily make games that integrate Kinect in meaningful ways that appeal to the core gamer as they are guaranteed to have one potential consumer for every XB1 sold.

9) The XB1 URGES you to game everytime you turn on your tv as game invites/notifications will appear on live TV.

JessiePinkmanYo1796d ago

@Enemy-Don't forget to add MLB the Show to that list. I can't imagine how good it's gonna be on PS4

LOGICWINS1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

"Also what is to stop the PS4 from doing these bundles? Especially if it gets out to a substantial sells lead. (Infamous bundle for example)"

Exactly! Thats precisely the point I'm making. By next year, BOTH the PS4/XB1 will have $499 SKUs and will be on equal ground in terms of price. Sony will begin pushing the $499 SKUs more as time goes.

MS will lower the current barebones XB1 bundle to $399.

Thus, BOTH the PS4/XB1 will have $400/$500 SKUs in 2014.

Sono4211795d ago

but.... I thought Logic stopped being ignorant...?

Anyways everybody back to enjoying your PS4's!

Btw just beat Killzone Shadowfall.. and the ending.... just omg.. HIGHLY recommend Killzone Shdaowfall.

Angerfist1795d ago

@Giggman what is a 300 Dollar ps3 or a 250$ xbox 360 then? I don't think those are overpriced, I think the Ps4 is extremely cheap for what's in the machine. X1 is at an ok price point, but without kinect it would have been cheaper.

Sono4211795d ago

To people crying about PSN being down during launch... I went to the midnight release.. got home.. set up my PS4, connected online, it told me Playstation Network under maintenance.. I clicked on the store anyways it worked fine so I downloaded BF4 then when it finished I went and played online..

So I have no idea what the maintenance actually effected... I can play online just fine and I can go into the store and download things just fine.. my experience has been flawless.. really don't understand what all the doom and gloom is about. My guess is desperate xbox fanboys...

AusRogo1795d ago

@ Logic LOL sold out!? Where? Anyone can still pre order the day 1 edition over here! Guaranteed for launch day! Doesn't look like X1 is selling out here anytime soon mate.. especially when stores are still getting pre orders for ps4 but not guaranteed till next year!

speed3891795d ago

Just because you pay more for somthing dosnt mean its better... its called geting ripped off in this situation

idontcare1795d ago

xbox has always been more thought out to me and i really don't think you'll see this much "more power" thingy ;)

to each his own!

Old_Prodigy1795d ago

Indeed you do get what you pay for a more powerful console, with better hardware and some secret sauce.

Magicite1795d ago

in case of X1 u get lots of empty promises, not sure if they are worth of additional 100$

GoodnessGreatness1795d ago

not really. I'm sure I don't get what I pay for if a $500 console has hard time doing 1080p this next gen. And Playstation consoles are future proof. Look at PS2 and PS3 still selling and being supported with games while Xbox 360 is going to be dead around this upcoming year.

Kryptix1795d ago

Since Xbox 360 lacked many exclusives, Microsoft has to build on that this generation while Sony has studios from last gen (PS3) working on games for this gen right now. Not only is the PS4 going to be ahead in exclusives again in the coming few years but you'll also be paying less for a more powerful consoles. More games and a much more powerful console, what else do you want as a hardcore/dedicated gamer? There's a lot of reasons for getting a PS4, most of it is because we know Sony doesn't fail to bring in a great amount of brand new and amazing IPs for their consoles. (proven with all PS systems)

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kickerz1796d ago

1. We have the most powerful 1080p console
2. Have heaps of awesome indie games which could run on a ps1
LOL on a side note I think pS4 is awesome and will have amazing games. This just made me laugh

bomboclaat_gamer1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

just got mine today

so awesome the 1.50 update bricked it

just got mine today
played bf 4 single player just fine

went to update to 1.50 and -__-

Blaze9291796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

"variety in launch games"

tha's just PR talk right there

Doghead1795d ago

Haha...yeah, Variety in Halo, Gears,

idontcare1795d ago

how about variety in Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Crimson Dragon and Powerstar Golf?

AngelicIceDiamond1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Price: Can't argue with that. Price always makes a difference.

Games: I agree Sony has many active power house devs that are making AAA new Ip's and existing AAA's for Sony as we speak.

More powerful: Still remains to be see. COD, BF4, AC, NBA, Fifa and other cross gen games aren't showcasing the next gen hardware in terms of real next gen power. Besides native 1080P and 720P resolution. Other than that these are current games showing the limits of these old machines.

Now these beefed up next gen versions of current games the PS4 is slightly outperforming the X1 its res is higher and some performance advantage. Something that's only reminiscent of current gen difference. We gotta see next gen only games to determine.

"The number one reason is that we believe the PS4 most powerful game console. It’s future proof. The system can grow, the games can grow, but day-one there are lots of games that take advantage of the PS4 rendering natively at 1080p, which is higher resolution than [pause] other systems. It’s so beautiful."

Future proof, evolving and changing all mirrors MS console as well.

"Number three are the features, like social features and the share buttons. The ease of use for the system. You can use your smart phone to purchase a game and while you are away it will download the game at home, so when you get home, the game could be already downloaded and waiting for you. So all of these ease of use and fun to use and fun to find out information about what your friends are doing, all of this is built into the system features."

Again MS machine mirrors some of those features as well, unless you want an extra 10 minutes of playback recording.

It really comes down to personal preference. My long term goal is to get both so I won't be missing out on the fun.

Freedomland1796d ago

Software can be changed or improved with patches and updates but hardware can't be and that's where difference starts and imo that's where PS4 will stay ahead of the competition.

dantesparda1795d ago

"More powerful: Still remains to be see. COD, BF4, AC, NBA, Fifa and other cross gen games aren't showcasing the next gen hardware in terms of real next gen power. Besides native 1080P and 720P resolution. Other than that these are current games showing the limits of these old machines."

Wow,..... its, more powerful on paper and in reality, 125% higher res on COD, 56% higher res in BF4 along with a better framerate, has HBAO instead of SSAO in NFS Rivals along with bokeh blurring and overall sharper textures than the X1 version and the list goes on and yet you still doubt it. Wow!

AngelicIceDiamond1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"its, more powerful on paper and in reality, 125% higher res on COD, 56% higher res in BF4 along with a better framerate, has HBAO instead of SSAO in NFS Rivals along with bokeh blurring and overall sharper textures than the X1 version and the list goes on and yet you still doubt it."

Blah, blah, blah yawn. Digitalfoundry found fancy words for you to play with I see. You found your "argument" now but I bet you you weren't saying anything when they showed off NFS running on both systems because well you know, they look the same.

But nice try @Sparda you gotta come stronger than that.

@Free That is true but all I'm saying is the more powerful console is existent and its there buts its not night and day like many here hoped. And maybe it will but you can't judge from current gen games boosted by next gen consoles.

As for the disagrees looks like nobody can counter my logic so people have no choice but to disagree, I believe I won this debate.

Looks like fanboys just want me to say "Yes Yoshida those are perfect reasons." Sorry I have my own mind, a free mind at that. I apologize for not saying the most popular thing that most expect. That's not my style.

aragon1795d ago

I can already use my phone, PC , tablet to download a game for my 360 while I'm at work as long as the machine is on, share button maybe but social features? Which ones? Every xbone comes with kinect which eats system resource, which it won't be a while till debs figure it out, same with esram as was case last gen with cell processor, plus even tho there's a touchpad on controller it sucks, rather play on better controller, my opinion

dantesparda1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

@ AngelcIce

Come with a stronger argument than facts? You're just spewing your "opinion", I'm speaking facts, regardless of who's saying them, they are the facts, the truth, not just your opinion my friend. So you try harder and get back to me when you got more than just your "opinion"

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Majin-vegeta1796d ago

There's a thing called warranty.

kenshiro1001795d ago

CJDUNCAN: If you don't know know what you're talking about, don't write an entire paragraph that screams FUD.

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1796d ago
Idba1796d ago

"Power, Price, 1080p, variety in launch games and the large network of suuutudios working on PS4 exlcusives."

Preuttyu accurate Sir Yuoshida-san

ezop1796d ago

PSN FAIL AT LAUNCH .. says it all

Abriael1796d ago

In what alternate reality?

Baka-akaB1796d ago

Well you would have to be even be there to at least even "enjoy that" .

CGI-Quality1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

How would you know when you don't even own the console?

Ezz20131796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

their is no fail here
there is millions of ps4 owners log into psn at launch at the same time

psn was just under high volumes from trying to connect at once
use some logic, man
it happen every time at launch with every system

EDIT: so wait
you are saying that since PSN show very high demand at launch...makes it a FAIL ?! 0_0
that make no sense

ezop1796d ago

Playstation Network went down for hours during launch due to high demand of users (I know this because i was on so technically if was a fail for PSN as a whole.

Baka-akaB1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

And ? Wich console network didnt suffer such fate at a point of high usage ? Dont you dare give a name , cause it did happen a few times too (hint , one of those was 11 whole days before christmas) .

Abriael1796d ago

@ezop: yeah. I wonder in what alternate reality having overwhelmingly high demand is a "fail" lol.

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come_bom1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I prefer the X1's launch games then the PS4 ones, but in the long run the PS4 is a better deal then the X1, because i don't think Microsoft can keep up on the number of quality exclusives Sony offers... and the PS4 is 100€ cheaper.

BTW: I didn't even mention PS+ offerings. I hope Microsoft can compete with PS+, by including better offerings on XBLA Gold.
One other factor is that the PS4 is more powerful and has better looking 3rd party games, at least until know.

BattleTorn1796d ago

I'm getting my X1 next week just because I like the launch titles more.

But I got all my 3rd-party on PS4 already, with the exclusives, because of the 1080p.

Loving the greatness

Irishguy951796d ago

"variety in launch games" What?

Xbox has a

Fighting - Killer instinct
Racer - Forza
Open world zombie game - Dead rising
Hack and slash/action game - Ryse
Then the two Fps'es BF and COD

I don't even know what else it has...but how many genre does PS4 have? Maybe i'm mistaken or something.

Normally Playstation has the variety and Xbox lacks in it, but not at this launch. Next year sure...but not right now

Idba1796d ago

PS4 has

Knack, Contrast - Platformers
Killzone, Blacklight, bf4 and Ghosts - FPS
Resogun - Retro Shooter.
Knack - action
DC Online, Divekick - Fighting.
Planetside 2 -MMOFPS
War Thunder - Flight combat simulator

And he list goes on forever

Baka-akaB1796d ago

I agree but he is obviously including multiplatform and f2p or indie games . OF course you can do the same with XB1 and might ends up with more . But still true nonetheless

ShwankyShpanky1795d ago

@idba: Don't forget NFS:R. PS4 has a racer too.

And the only thing "retro" about Resogun is the mechanics... OMFG this game is gorgeous. If it gets a 3d patch, retinas will melt.

Redempteur1795d ago

Is that salt i'm seeing here infected ?

Because 1 console having a problem solved in a couple of hours doesn't make the whole bunch of console the same.

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Steven36571796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

And the 5 reasons he stated were correct,

boribori8311796d ago

More powerful ..where at ? We can't see it .Even cod ghost was lied about when it was being upscaled all along too.Sony and lies go well together. At least Ms were up front about the screwing lol.yea yea nd is phenomenal , I buy all the games but 400$ for the console with the current games is a definite no for the non fan girl gamer .

CGI-Quality1796d ago

Any look at technical specifications would help you. Then again, perhaps it wouldn't. ;)

Abriael1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Ghosts is not upscaled anymore.

Actually the fact that it was just means that the comparison saying that 720p unscaled and 1080p native looked almost the same were falsified in favor of the Xbox One.

Interesting to see you make an argument against yourself without even noticing.

aragon1795d ago

Crap everybody said the ps4 s footage looked better,too much fanboy ism in the air there was a poll on here that hinted that Sony fanboys are the woes check it

Palaven1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


Actually, Activision and IGN confirmed that the review copy's of Ghosts were native 1080p so it was 720p v 1080p. So don't use that as an excuse of them looking exactly the same. In fact, it is arguable that the X1 versions look better.

Ezz20131796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

the thing is
all sites already said ps4 version looked better including IGN
and if the game indeed run at 720p on ps4 in those reviews and the ps4 update patch will make it 1080p native
that only make it even better on ps4

not helping your case here
don't care though didn't buy it and will never support IW

also why are we still doing this ?
ps4 is more powerful based on offical specs and games running at higher setting and higher res
it's FACTS ....come on guys

snp1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Not sure i believe them - Activision and IGN. Usually aren't into conspiracy theories, but wasn't it pixel counting on the comparison video IGN put out which first exposed the PS4 version's output only being 720p and led to the realisation there was a bug preventing it outputting at 1080p on ps4 version? Unless there's an explanation for that bit, i'd expect the Activision/IGN claim was some face saving, and maybe a little reluctance to re-review it with the proper 1080p ps4 output settings.

Will know soon enough though. Should shortly be some videos available in 1080p on ps4 to compare against the IGN 'comparison video' (also of the XBox1 version next week) and see if it was representative.. or a fudge.