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The next-generation of gaming has commenced with the release of the PS4. Probably the most hyped and touted game from Sony is Killzone: Shadow Fall. Sony has attempted multiple times to make the Killzone franchise its hit shooter franchise, but it has failed to stick. With the dawn of a new era for PlayStation, is Killzone: Shadow Fall the perfect launch title to suck gamers in, or should shooter fans flock to Call of Duty or Battlefield?

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BABY-JEDI1796d ago

KZ Shadow Fall will be my first PS4 purchase. Krazy review scores regardless (high or low) as always with KZ series. I just want to say day one buy for me. Jump in & enjoy
; D

Aery1795d ago

Good score. Well deserved!

T21795d ago

My buddy is hard core halo fan and got ps4 and loves kzsf ... Thats all the proof I need

Hicken1795d ago

But I thought it was only getting bad or average scores. What's with this 8? It must be a fanboy who wrote it! Everybody knows Killzone is a -3!