How To Use the PS4 Sharing Function Shortcuts for Quick Captures

The PS4 console has a built-in share button that allows you to share recorded gameplay clips, screenshots, and streaming broadcasts to Facebook and Twitter (screenshots only). When pressed the button offers a pop-up menu that allows you to select how you want to share your content, but did you know that there are also shortcuts to make sharing even more of a fluid, non-intrusive process?

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dp2774071850d ago

Thank you I was wondering if I could do this, as all my videos have been of random longer things.

SeanScythe1850d ago

How do you delete the videos that you've recorded?

Mega241850d ago

go to your profile, there's an Icon that looks like a folder, enter that, looks for the game you have the recordings, and once you enter, press Options, then select which you want to delete, then delete :)

SeanScythe1849d ago

+bubble for you I kept trying to do it from the share section.

Ace_Pheonix1849d ago

Is there a way to throw the last 15 minutes into storage to edit later without editing right away? Most the time things you want to share are sporadic and during online there's to time for editing.

Ozmoses1849d ago

hmmm. that's the one thing I haven't seen. I haven't seen any editing ability for the shared videos...

I've uploaded 3 videos to facebook already and they work.. It's just the sound cuts in and out...

I never saw an option for editing, it just asked if I wanted to upload.

Ozmoses1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Double Click to start recording where you want the video to start... play the game up to 15 minutes and click share again to stop video...

than go to capture and upload the chosen video to facebook or whatever...

that's the easiest upload way.

or just connect and broadcast via Twitch or UStream.... check me out on Twitch @ Bizzle Games(my channel)

also everytime you click the share button it starts recording and takes a screenshot.