‘Uncharted’ PS4 pre-order now available on Amazon

Online retailer, Amazon, is now taking pre-orders for the recently-announced “Uncharted” video game for the PS4.

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GusHasGas1793d ago

I just wanted to point out that Amazon doesn't/hasn't listed any games releasing in 2015 (such as Battlefront and Cyberpunk 2077) which means that Uncharted 4 is definitely coming in 2014.

I'm guessing Holiday 2014.

RiPPn1794d ago

Why do people preorder, it's not like games are "limited" anymore and if you don't preorder you won't get a copy. Better to grab it on release and buy it at the store offering up the best price, or even better wait 2 months and get it at half the price.

Stsonic1794d ago

Amazon don't charge until dispatch anyway

Stringerbell1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Marketing ploy, meanwhile said company gets to accrue interest on all that preorder money. Back in the day (old man rant ahead) I prerecorded Ocarina of Time. Why? Well for the normal msrp I got the Gold Cartridge, a Zelda calendar, t-shirt, and tri-force key chain. Nothing says Now a days this would be branded as some sort of collectors edition (which in retrospect it was) but they would tack on X amount of dollars to the final price. So now when they say preorder to get well nothing, I say piss off.

DivineAssault 1793d ago

i mostly pre order collectors editions cuz some DO run out.. I also pre order certain games because i get sent notifications when a game is releasing & i try to put down $20 or so on em anytime i stop by the store so they dont cost so much at 1 time

worldwidegaming1794d ago

When is this game coming out? like Fall/winter 14'?


Maybe... Maybe not. I suspect a 2015 release myself but there is no official word one way or another.