Contrast Review – Old Problems Overshadow New Ideas | Analog Addiction

Analog Addiction writes:

"Compulsion Games’ Contrast is a pretty unique title, being backed up by an intriguing family tale and a fun-to-use shadow mechanic, which turns out to be more than a simple gimmick. That said, these new ideas are often overshadowed (pun intended) by old problems, and because of this, the game simply cannot achieve the status it aspires to."

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Muffins12231849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Wow really harsh score,the game is very good.

nikoado1849d ago

I loved the unique theme and the shadow gameplay. I even liked the nice little story it has.

It does have a few glitches where my character got stuck in the walls a few times, but nothing major.

Jamiex661849d ago

7.4 is not a harsh score, 7.4 is definitely a good score