Amazon’s Batch Of PS4 Consoles Faulty?

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Many people who received their PlayStation 4 console from Amazon have revealed that their consoles were not working properly out of the box. The reviews for the console have the most votes for five stars but there are also a lot of one star reviews. However, it is currently unsure if it is due to the way the consoles were packaged by Amazon. One reviewer, Robert Spark, reported the following issue with his console as well as the way the console was packaged:"

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GarrusVakarian1796d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if employees at Amazon were treating the boxes badly, intentionally or unintentionally, they get treated like slave workers there.

daggertoes831796d ago

A lot are coming from amazon. Only place I could get mine is gamestop and it's working great love it.

Majin-vegeta1796d ago

Yea same here.There was also a wal mart guy there who works overnight and apparently people would just be tossing the PS4 around in the back getting them ready.

Eonjay1795d ago

I received mine from Amazon... It works perfectly.

4Sh0w1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Really, now its Amazon's fault? Amazon/UPS/FedEx all deliver millions of packages daily, of course sometimes a lazy, rushed, tired employee is responsible for breaking a consumers purchase but they track reports of damaged packages by a carrier/employee= too many and they won't have a job for long. Amazon simply could not be as popular as they are without having a great reputation for product shipment. *IF ps4 does indeed have a high # of broken consoles its not Amazons fault.

Really people are grasping at straws I just read that it was Foxconn worker fault, despite the fact there is no evidence to suggest why a Foxconn worker would suddenly target ps4 to sabotage when bad working conditions has always been part of the job there for many, many years and all the other types of electronic gadgets are made there.

UltimateMaster1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Nobody ever tough that most of them are just xbox fanboys trying to make the PS4 look bad?

I mean, you don't even have to order the item (console) from amazon in order to be able to do a review.

A shit ton of people had their PS4 from Amazon and theirs work great.

Ares84HU1795d ago

Got mine from Amazon, works great.

Sarcasm1795d ago

Got mine from best buy. Zero issues.

ABizzel11795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Got mine from Amazon and it works fine. But to be honest that is a fear of shipping. People don't handle your stuff like they would theirs and even then some people handle their stuff like trash too.

My first guess would be it's a problem with shipping from Sony's factories to US customs, from US customs to Amazon, from Amazon to UPS, and from UPS to their home.

Boody-Bandit1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I doubt it's an Amazon issue and more like a Fed Ex, DHL, USPS, etc... issue.

Although until we know the numbers this too could be getting blown out of proportion. since most of my friends went through Amazon and all of them are on PSN right now. No issues with theirs.

Monkey5211795d ago

Mine came from Amazon and it works amazing. Playing for 3+ hours at a time and no problems. So I wouldn't say it is the retailer's fault if there are issues.

NeoTribe1795d ago

Im having tons of network issues, Cannot play bf4 online still. Your not having any probs getting on network?

Themba761795d ago

got mines from gamestop too working perfectly for me with a 2 year warranty so im good.

monkey nuts1795d ago

Who stands to gain from a shit load of broken ps4s? That's right the courier/ delivery services. I know UPS here in the uk made a crap load of extra revenue from all the faulty xbox360s that they had to pick up, take to repair centers then deliver them back to their owners fixed. Coming to think of it, it might just be worth keeping an eye on the stocks of these companies to see if there's a spike in their value.

*removes tin foil hat*

GarrusVakarian1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

People have taken my comment completely the wrong way. I in no way intended for that to sound like im making excuses for Sony. Instead i was simply basing my comment off what i know about how Amazon workers get treated and how they get messed around and treated bad. Which might in some cases result in them taking our their frustration out on PS4 boxes.

inveni01794d ago

Mine is working beautifully. A worthy successor to the PS3.

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Oldman1001796d ago

Yeah I'm not that surprised. The console itself is only held in place by a couple pieces of cardboard. Not much there for shock absorption.

PoSTedUP1796d ago

that sucks. the ps3 had thick styrofoam*.

flyingmunky1795d ago

Yes but Amazon puts an outer box around the ps4 box filled with plastic air bags to protect the ps4 box.

Both of the ps4's I ordered from Amazon arrived perfectly, without so much as a dent in the their boxes.

SOD_Delta1796d ago

I got a DOA unit. It was most likely poor packing that killed mine. Mine came in a big box with random thrown air bags. Now I have to wait 1-4 weeks for a new PS4. I just I hope get a new by X-mas.

Lwhit61795d ago

Mine looked poorly packaged too. Still works though. Sorry about your console and can't wait to see you online!

THamm1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I got one from Amazon and the air wrap was on top of the console, other than that system was great. Also if hooking up to and no picture hold down the power until 2 beeps and PS4 will output into 480p, then you can mess with it from there, my monitor wouldn't support it right off

FlameHawk1795d ago

Wrong, it was the factory fault, it is the Hongfujin factory, if you received one from that factory and if it was made on August/September, it is most likely messed up, and a majority of that shipment was sent to Amazon, mine included -.-

Palaven1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


Deflect the blame away from Sony to everything else it could possible be, typical.

Bigpappy1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Seems like no one I willing to wait for the facts. You are 100% correct. These people are accepting any excuse as long as the finger is not pointed at Sony. Guess what? No matter where that finger lands on the wheel, Sony has to be responsible. It is there product and quality must be guaranteed by SONY.

fenome1795d ago

There are a such thing as "grey areas", let's see what kind of excuses you come up with around Xbox launch, shall we?

fenome1795d ago


They are guaranteed, that's why you ALWAYS make sure to get the warranty, especially if you're going to be an early adopter.

It might be them, it might not. The thing is, we don't know for sure yet. If it turns out that it is as widespread as everybody seems to want it to be then you can be damn sure they're gonna catch hell for this. Trust me, it won't take as long to call them out as it did with the 360. People are gonna be pissed

malokevi1795d ago

Yep. First, taco bell had a "bad batch". Now, Amazon had a "bad batch"...

Maybe it's time to cut the bs?

I'll be weary when I get mine.

GarrusVakarian1795d ago

I wasn't deflecting blame from anyone i was just stating that i know for a fact that amazon workers get treated like crap and are known to take their frustrations out on boxes in the warehouse, a little google search goes a long way.

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XboxFun1795d ago

Yea, lets blame those Amazon workers.

fenome1795d ago

Oh, I'm sure you're gonna be quick to jump on 'em too when your Box makes the same headlines because everybody and their mom is making sensationalist headlines right now.

I'm not pointing fingers or saying who's right or wrong, mind you. Only time will tell if this issue is legit or just a minor failure rate out of MILLIONS of units. It wouldn't be the first time a major company released faulty hardware though, and I bet you were totally accepting of that, so don't be so quick judge.

XboxFun1795d ago

Actually Fenome, I won't.

I won't stoop to those levels. I didn't blame anyone else for RRoD and I won't if there are any problems for Xbox One.

And you will never find me blaming faceless people doing their blue collar jobs just because my favorite company's console is reportedly not working.

But let's see how calm and collected certain individuals are when next week comes and the other sensational headlines start rolling in. Let's see if they also can keep cool heads and shift blame.

Sensational headlines is one thing, placing unwarranted blame is another.

fenome1795d ago

You know what, I just bubbled you up 'cause that was a very good response. I read your name and saw your bubble level and just took you as trolling. Your reply showed me otherwise and I apologize. I'm not blindly defending Sony by any means, it's just too early to tell still..

Plus the fact that it didn't happen to me sways things as well. If my unit crashed, I'm sure I'd be in here up in arms over this!

Psychotica1795d ago

Amazon warehouses are almost entirely automated.

Mosiac771795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Lukas you are an idiot. Anything but Sony's fault . Is that what you are trying to start here?it makes no sense. Then why GameStop is having the same issue. At least in my area.

GarrusVakarian1795d ago

I was actually surprised to the see so many disagrees with my comment, i wasn't trying to stick up for Sony in any way that's the hand on heart truth. I was just stating that i know how badly amazon workers get crapped on with their hours and i know some of them take their frustrations out on merchandise in the warehouses.

And to the person that said the amazon warehouses are no they're not. It gets sorted by hand and filed with forklifts.

Its weird how you can intend a comment to sound and how other people interpret it.

ATiElite1795d ago

@ Lukas_Japonicus

I live in a City that has 3 warehouses and I've heard people are intentionally breaking PS4's so to bring exposure to AMAZON's bad labor practices.

they make their workers stand for 12 to 13 hours a day instead of having normal 8 hour shifts.

MEGANE1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I got mine from Amazon and its working fine. Software still bugy but I manage to work with it till next firmware update.
I was looking at amazon reviews anf I could not help but notice that most one star reviews are for no verified buyers witch makes me wander. If u guys think other conpanies aren't willing to play duty when a multi billion dollars business is at stake, u guys are in for a rude awakenin. Microsoft has been sue befote for unfare businness practices and lost millions allready. With a few people u can set up a negative viral campaign and sabotage the console launch . Corruption is real

Seraphim1795d ago

All of these reviews I'm seeing are Verified Purchasers. So anyone who wants to point the finger at fanboys don't bother. I can say mine came from Amazon & aside from a few hiccups w/ the HDMI handshake at first for a few minutes and troubles logging into my PSN account mine works completely fine.

Personally I think it's nothing more than run of the mill Failure Rate. The sole reason we're seeing so much of it is because Amazon not only handled so many orders but because it's an online business and easy for those having a fit come cry about their issue. They sold out of Launch Day PS4's w/in 24 hours and later added several bundles. I'd hate to speculate but I bet Amazon had 250k+ of the supposedly 1 million+ units available launch day. In the grand scheme of things I think it's a small amount having problems. As others have pointed out, carriers aren't too kind with packages and don't care what's inside. They toss them on the belt, to each other, onto the trucks, etc. Electronics are delicate, they're not meant to be thrown around, dropped, etc. And who knows how many of these can be chalked up as user error. Going to update the system or doing something and instead of waiting they pulled the plug and bricked it themselves. Everyone want to plug and play and has no patience, especially launch day.

Anyway I would read too much into this. Probably nothing more than typical fail rates blown out of proportion because the internet. For every 1 complaint you're not going to hear 100 great reviews from people like myself who have a perfectly fine unit atm.

MikeGdaGod1795d ago

got mine from Gamestop and everythings great!

Seraphim1795d ago

yes because Robots have brains

HammerKong1795d ago

no man how even you can even think about it,its not amazons fault ,its sony's fault.yeah we know that launch can have some problems many companies had been in these positions ,last gen ms was here ,it can happen with them agin.
but do you think we must blame amazon for it ,how about may be amamzon recieved the most early manuifacture box's ,its about to deliver the as much as people you can deliver in time.and thats waht happened here amazon wants to maintain its figure in the market by providing best sevice and best possible early and quick delivereies ,so they may have told sony to provide them ps4's which all were the ps4's of early stage of manufactory,thats all and gamestop and all are not that big comapanies.yeah most of the faults found were in the systems of early recivers and damn i was one of them but now my ps4 is out for repairing and sony service centres are demanding 2 or more days ,because there were multiple falults like noisy voice ,overheating which caused rod and many crashes during playing games ,especialy battlefield 4 ,i hope i will recieve it soon ,but still those devices which are not having any problems are also having one big problem which is poor severs and are having trouble in connecting to psn ,"yeah that will be solved very soon " sexy sony receptionist told me damn she was very hot ,but no problem what i care is that soon i recive my ps4 and i can play some multiplats and play resogun while then i will stick to my alienware and play some battlefield,cod ghost and ac black flag on it at ultra settings at 1260p ,i will have fun and will also wait for my xbox one to delivered to me here.

AndrewLB1795d ago

That's not true at all. You probably got conned like most people did into believing the lies spread in the media and internet by SEIU and their affiliates in order to pressure Amazon into unionizing their employees. They did the exact same thing two months ago with their fake "fast food worker strike", where if you believed the media you'd think all those protesters were actual fast food employees. The truth is that they were paid union goons from SEIU that were claiming to be fast food workers. They want to unionize the workers in order to expand their political power, paid for by money out of the paychecks the unions claim to be helping.

SaturdayNightBeaver1794d ago

Its Sony fault not anyone else.

Obscure_Observer1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )


Man, you second statement just make you sound even more biased and a Sony PR guy.

IGN and Kotaku already had adressed PS4 issues before the launch. To me is clear that you are not an Amazon´s customer.

Verified customers are reporting various issues with their PS4 through reviews.

They are praising Amazon support´s efficiency, and quick response/feedback, while bashing Sony´s. Sony´s customer support sucks acording to costumers they spend. 2-3 hours hanging on the phone to hear from Sony´s representative: "Yep, your PS4 is broken. No replacement. Only Fix." So they are taking the matter to the Amazon, which is returning their money or replacing the broken system.

So, stop with this nonsense talk about angry employees treating PS4´s packages bad on purpose. That´s crazy talk. Amazon has been great to gamers. Adressing to their problems up front. While Sony on other hand, no so much. And í´m not expecting a better treatment to consumers by MS´s part next week.

We shall seen soon.

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mochachino1796d ago

Probably assembled by those "student interns" we heard about a while back.

Mikelarry1795d ago

and here i was kicking my self i didn't get one in time from amazon, i will know in 12 days how lucky i am.

lennonisgod1795d ago

When mine arrived yesterday from Amazon, only the top of the box was protected with those clear, plastic air bag things. The bottom of the ps4 was laying directly against the bottom of the box it was shipped in. My ps4 is working fine though. The packaging was shoddy though. Usually, Amazon does a great job.

karamsoul1795d ago

Exact same packaging I had. Why the heck wouldn't they protect the bottom of the box , too?

edwick1795d ago

a box three times too big with the ps4 laying on the bottom with the top of the box filled with airbags. what genius came up with that packing job?

rayzorn1795d ago

yeah I saw the size of the box and I thought they messed up and sent me 2. im like no way just one is in that box.

idk why it was so freaking big.

AndrewLB1795d ago

It's not the packing job people. Banging around the console wouldn't cause these problems. Years ago the risk would be to the hard drive, but Hard drives these days when powered down lock the armature off disk, so that rules that out.

The constant blaming of everyone except Sony really shows how irrational some of you are. These problems were not caused by Amazon, or Microsoft, or Xbots, or HAARP...

You guys are still in the denial phase of the 5 Stages of Grief. It's time to accept the fact that Sony rushed production which is why Foxconn was using quasi-slave labor. All you need is one glitch in a production run and a whole block of PS4's can get screwed up. And it's likely that Amazon got the bulk of that bad batch.

Battlefieldlover1795d ago

I had top and bottom air bags. Different warehouses I guess. Ohh and no issues. Toke it to my brothers house (his wife is at drills all weekend) and we played killzone online for at least 5 hours without a hiccup. We tried BF4 but we could only join empty servers then we lost connection with "EA servers". Strange killzone played fine.

Myst-Vearn1795d ago

So much conspiracy theories, we don't even know the true % of faulty consoles, it could be something like 1% which would place it within the expected/"normal" range. We need more time before we can make any conclusions.