Social Media Making It Hard To Gauge Scope Of PS4's Technical Difficulties | Forbes

The problem here is that a customer with a defective PlayStation 4 is almost certainly going to take to one of their social media platforms to complain about it at launch. A customer with a functional PS4 may do the same, but it’s a much lower chance they’ll helpfully broadcast that their PS4 is working, as that’s not an interesting story. This is if they say anything at all, if they’re too busy playing their new console.

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ZBlacktt1849d ago

Yep and the problem with social media is who do you believe? Some random screen name who may want to make a name for himself. Someone diehard to another brand looking to tarnish the other? Yes, some are going to have a issue, it happens. But the scale of the problem is SO blown out of proportion thanks to the Internet and it's love for drama.

MorePowerOfGreen1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

They believe the videos and their friends etc. Any honest fool could see PS4 is unstable from this year's game shows. I've been saying this for months before anybody had a PS4 to report.

Sony made major spec changes after hearing about what MSFT was doing and sitting back listening to what MSFT might be offering and copying it. Your console will be unstable if these things Sony is copying are not built from the ground up. PS4 can not follow where the XB1 will be going in the future. PS4 already showing memory issues and Console Case/power Brick design issues.

You guys should protest Sony if they try to follow XB1's cloud compute future, Sony will destroy your PS4s because XB1 was built from the ground up for next-gen applications


Don't expect for anybody to read the comments in the first page let alone all 60 of them.

majiebeast1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"I've been saying this for months before anybody had a PS4 to report."

No way you spreading bullshit about PS4 thats a huge surprise...

"Sony made major spec changes after hearing about what MSFT was doing and sitting back listening to what MSFT might be offering and copying it."

You are the most delusional person on N4G, congratulations on that.

ZBlacktt1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Funny how it's not so widespread huh? I've known no one to have a single issue and I mod the worlds largest online fitness site. Which has a huge huge gaming community. So the Internet blows it way up. When really it's such a very very small number to amount sold. We understand every brand is going to have issues. Mass production is not easy to get 100% right when dealing in the millions and doing it all within 3, 4 months to shipping time.

Your other rambling on comments shows you are not even open minded about the topic. Just wait, your time is coming this next Friday. It's just something we can expect from electronics.

After your edit link:

Again we know some had problems. Be it simple fix or replace the console. But show me somewhere around 600,000 to 700,000 people posting about it. Again, that is the scale we are talking here. Again, the very same thing is going to happen to MS. Lets just hope it's not like their last console launch. Which lasted 3 years and 6 motherboards later.

Lukas, very well said.

WalterWJR1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Joined 18 Sep 2013 (58d ago )

GarrusVakarian1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I love how each and every one of your comments is you talking like what you are saying is fact, you never give evidence to back up what you say, you just expect people to accept it as truth.

I look forward to your comments, they make me chuckle....mainly because you actually believe the BS you type.

On topic: The amount of negative reports is DWARFED by the amount of people playing without a single issue. But the internet has a knack for blowing things out of proportion because it enables people to voice their problems. You see a forum with 100 people saying their PS4's have broken and you think "wow, a 100 people? This is widespread", when in reality its a tiny amount.

Enemy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Everything MorePowerOfGreen says is damage control. I know exactly what he's going to say just by reading his username. He doesn't realize that no one takes him seriously, though. It's weird that he even keeps posting.

But the persistence is funny, no doubt.

Cuzzo631849d ago

Seriously dude. Ur really delusional

OrangePowerz1849d ago

Games at shows are not finished they are work in progress so they will tend to crash. Lets not pretend that Xbone games didn`t crash at shows.

Major spec changes? They changed from 4GB to 8GB of RAM that`s all and it was kind of planed depending on how affordable the RAM is when the console comes out. What about MS changing the clock speeds? That of course was a genius idea right?

So there are 60 pages, even if that means every single comment is by a different user that has an issue that`s a tiny little fraction of people compared to how many units they sold.

So Sony cannot follow where the xbone is going in the future becoming mainly a TV box with less focus on games? That`s fine by me.

Also who calls Microsoft by their Stock Market handle besides of MS employees?

And last but not least ignorance is bliss if you think that the Xbone will work perfectly fine. You are an idiot.

mkis0071849d ago

You are the ultimate...whatever you are. Sony has been building the ps4 for 2-3 years longer than Microsoft...

Visiblemarc1849d ago

You're actually saying the opposite of the literally. Notice the share button on the DS4? Notice how Sony announced all the features first? Like...are you quite alright? I'm honestly concerned by your refusal to accept the obvious and the amount of anger you have over something unconnected to you.

To address your concerns about bricking. No...there is no issue. Even assuming all reports online are true(many are, many aren'r), you are ignoring the facts of consumer electronics. 3% brick on average. For a launch of (conservative estimate) 1 million, history says 30,000 will brick. Do you think a few hundred examples proves a hardware failure? 30,000 failures = huge success, by industry standards, and Sony usually does even better.

You're on the wrong path here...not only wrong about the facts, but wasting so much energy! You love Xbox, clearly...that is great! You're going to have tons of fun with the xb1, and it really should be awesome. Why not spend more energy focusing on Nov 22, rather than getting eaten up inside with anger?

Just my thoughts on that.

SolidGear31849d ago

No wonder he has one bub -_-

ABizzel11849d ago

The HDMI problem is because people are jamming it in there, which isn't completely there fault, because Sony should have stress tested the PS4 hardware physically and not just heatwise. The ports on the PS4 are SUPER NEW, which makes them SUPE STIFF, and eventually they'll be fine with natural wear and tear, but for someone spending $400 on a new console you would think they would more gentle.

The only good from this is that it's happening early so it can be fixed in time for the next wave of consoles in 2014, and because it's all within their warranty. I'd advise purchasing the extended warranty for anyone buying a new console Day 1.

The problem I have is the PSN issues. It's just crashing left and right, which again is expected because of so many people signing online, but Sony knew they have around 1 million pre-orders so IMO they should have had the network ready as if they were expecting 5 - 10 million consoles to go online at the same time.

All of these things are an easy fix (with time), and Sony's replacing the broken PS4's free of charge, so there should be no complaints, but it's frustrating nonetheless, especially when all you want to do is enjoy this brilliant console.

Loving my PS4 already, can't wait for more games, Gaikai, and apps.

FITgamer1849d ago

I have 52 friends online playing right now, not one of them has had any hardware issues. I'm sure these problems are isolated.

worldwidegaming1849d ago

I see some truth in what you are saying. Even more so that everyone copied Nintendo and sometimes did a better job.

DoesUs1849d ago

You better pray there are ZERO issues with XB1.

oONinjavitiSOo1849d ago

Out of the 14 people I know who bought a ps4 not one has had any problems. I had mine on for almost the whole day yesterday and not one single problem. I'm not saying people didn't have problems but I'm guessing some of these claims are bs. The ps4 is awesome super smooth and have not even heard the fan overdrive kick in nice and quiet. Having tons of fun on warframe barely played the games I actually purchased haha. Even played warframe on my vita in bed last night.....awesome!! Have fun everybody!

LackTrue4K1849d ago

help me/help your self, and remove this fools last bubble....

"this guy is a bad joke"

thekhurg1849d ago

...and that's why you have one bubble.

devwan1849d ago

At least we only have to read one of his wild fantasy stories on each article.

"Sony will destroy your PS4s because XB1 was built from the ground up for next-gen applications "


SpinalRemains1381849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Considering you neither have a PS4, nor an Xbox One, you're the last person anyone would want to listen to.

You know nothing other than what you hear or read. Nothing first hand.

If you trolled an article 5 months ago about PS4 being broken, you were wrong. A million gamers are happily playing their PS4s this very second.

Just stop hating. Its tired

PS4 is the best console to date and it sets records.
It sets records.
You lose bubbles.

hellzsupernova1849d ago

funny hoow all those accounts were set up the day of launch, seems to me some xbots be trolling the forums

BBBirdistheWord1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It's a bit sad that he n4g community has resorted to attacking POG when in fact the reports from the internet appear to be supporting his claims, at this stage.

Truth be told, it's too early to tell, if the ps4 really has major issues.
Nowhere near enough Ps4s have been sold to make a meaningful interpretation of launch hardware failures. The statistical sample size of units sold (and units failed) is still unknown. It may be likely true that, in the scheme of things, the launch ps4 failure rate is entirely acceptable and a non issue.

OTOH, it is literally the first week of launch and we have heard numerous repeated reports of PS4 hardware and software failure, not only from POG, but also from reputable pro ps4 forums, IGN, Youtube users and even NEOGAF. Neogaf is a biggie. They have shown considerable pro-ps4 bias on that site. The fact that neogaf is reporting issues is somewhat indicative of the depth of issue at hand.

Ofcourse, I like to reserve my judgement for when more data arrives. However the early reports are not good at all, regarding ps4. That's the truth of it.

What's more, we haven't even begun to delve into long term ps4 issues. So far, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the immediate day one issue on ps4.
This many problems, so early on, deserve some further comment and scrutiny.

Not sure why the fanboys on n4g are attacking POG for his one bubble, when it is actually the ps4 with the problematic reports on day 1.

Come on, you ps4 fanboys.
Let's stop attacking people and start assessing the ps4 issues.

Snookies121848d ago

"Sony made major spec changes after hearing about what MSFT was doing and sitting back listening to what MSFT might be offering and copying it."

WTF? Did you seriously just say that? How could Sony have possibly copied Microsoft before they'd even revealed their system? Do you think Sony has spies working in MS or something? Lol, come on man seriously...

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The_Villager1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Who do you believe? You believe the people who have posted videos on youtube showing their faulty PS4's. You believe the feedback reviews on Amazon from legit customers. You believe all the people on the playstation forums. That's who you believe.

Visiblemarc1849d ago

But you realize consoles *will* brick. No company has the black magic to end that. That would be physically impossible. Showing a few hundred angry people means nothing...there are tens of thousands of angry people..

...and there will be, EVERY single console launch. It's not evidence of anything.

Extraordinary failure rates are impossible to hide, such as the awful thing that happened to early 360 buyers (why I waited for slim). Early evidence indicates no large scale issues. Now keep your fingers crossed the xb1 has just as good a launch!

snp1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Absolutely, but they don't really give a clear indication of the scope of the problem one way or another. You can believe those individual instances (barring a few that are probably user error and not doa), but it's not really possible to get a sense of whether they represent 4% or 14% or 40% of the consoles out there. Are the negative reviews on Amazon reflective of a bad batch, or a wider problem? Just don't know.

Bad news is always going to get more headlines than good news (which would be basically 'non news' in this context). If there is a substantive problem Sony better get onto it. No excuses there. But, by the same token don't want a 2% or 4% or whatever issue to be missrepresented as being a 20% or 40% issue. Hopefully what's going on - whether it's a real large issue or a combination of snowballing hysteria+trolling - will be clearer soon.

ShwankyShpanky1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


Case issues? That's odd, if the display setup at my local GameStop is anything to go by, the Xbone only comes with half a case. Apparently you have to buy the rear half with all the ports separately. But at least it plays videos. That's all it plays apparently... a demo video on loop.

P.S. Midnight launch unit running great in my house.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1849d ago

People should read through the comments from verified buyers, this is not a small problem. Having said that, it will be a MIRACLE if MS launch without their own share of hi-cups. As I have said before, as-long as both companies have the extra customer care in place and deal with everyone's issues quickly and efficiently I will be happy.

wishingW3L1849d ago

not just that but there pictures of people with PS4's that are missing HDD connections, screws and even buttons!

If things are like this just after a launch then you know things and bigger than they really seem. Even IGN's and Kotaku's PS4's had HDMI issues and Sony had to replace their consoles just to save some face with the media.

DixieNormS1849d ago

I had 4 other friends pick up a midnight launch PS4, and we have not had any problems with any of the the 5. So yes negative news is going to get shown way more often than positives when it comes to hardware. It still makes it worry some for us that have them.

Destrania1849d ago

I haven't had a single issue with mine other than nof being able to connect to the online store at times.

1849d ago
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Lord_Frieza1849d ago

I survived a spirit bomb and a planetary explosion
I will get a PS4

majiebeast1849d ago

and thats not even his final form!

Unreal011849d ago

Well I'd keep a low profile if I were you. I think I saw Majin Vegeta somewhere around here earlier.

jdktech20101849d ago

I had some issues last night that caused a reformat of the hard drive but since then it's been smooth sailing.

Loving this thing so far.

amiga-man1849d ago

This is exactly right, the most vocal voices will come from users who have had problems which may be in the minority but are still the loudest, the people with working systems are enjoying their new console and not posting as much.

$hit happens I'm afraid it's just with social media the news seems bigger than it actually is.

kewlkat0071849d ago

If your coming from an xbox 360 you can handle this sun..