PS4-PS Vita Remote play.Next gen is really in the palm of your hands(videos)

Remote play is a PS4 feature that allows it's video and audio output to be transmitted on the PS Vita screen.Essentially gives you the ability to play PS4 games in the palm of your hands.Sony made it a mandatory feature for all the Playstation 4 games,except for games that require peripherical,such as the ps4 camera or playstation move.

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SeanScythe2772d ago

I'm at work about 30 mins from my house, but I have my vita and playing BF4 and Resogun is lag free. It's awesome.

Luke_fon_Fabre2772d ago

At work? You have good internet connection there?

etownone2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Oh shit? Really???

I thought you had to be really close to the system, like in the same house.

Oh damn.... I have a Vita.

And was planning on getting an Xbox One...
Now... I'm back on the fence deciding

I think your blowing smoke.... I just saw this video, and guy lost connection pretty quick once he started walking away from the ps4


LiQuiZoN2772d ago

You can connect remote play via Vita-> PS4 (Bluetooth) or Vita->Router->PS4 (Wi-Fi). Using Wifi it matters how far away you are from the access point not the ps4.

Using Wi-Fi you can be anywhere as long as you forward a port in your router to the ps4. I'd suggest assigning your ps4 a static IP. Remote play works quite well.

jp_footy22772d ago

I havn't seen the video but I'm guessing it was because he was connected via NFC.

pwnsause_returns2772d ago

you dont have to be close. all you need is a wifi connection. and it has to be a strong one.

majiebeast2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

That video from Gamespot is direct connection not via wifi. He got 40-50 feet with direct connection which should be enough for the house. Wifi could very well be really good we dont have enough demos of it yet.

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2772d ago
Protagonist2772d ago


Damn that is truly awesome! lag free huh?...can´t wait to try it out myself.

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etownone2772d ago

So basically.... It's fictions like a WiiU.

Move to counter Wii and it this.


But honestly.... Wish it could do remote play over wifi... So I can play ps4 games on the go. That would be really really impressive.

Lowsnamebrand2772d ago

You can guy at first post said he was at work 30 minutes away and still playing

etownone2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Yeah.... I just read his post.



I need to see more proof. ..
Just saw this video and guy lost connection pretty quick

dcj05242772d ago

@eto that was DIRECT connection. Not wi-fi.

oONinjavitiSOo2772d ago

Wow seriously people?!? This isn't that hard to understand. You can bring you're vita anywhere and play you're ps4 games as long as you are using wi-fi or even 4gLTE and you're ps4 could be 1000 miles away. I don't get the problem here.

xxPillsxx2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Hello etownone!! Do you mind me being your guide around the gaming world after years of living under a rock?
You can remote play via the fucking internet via the fucking wifi.
Do Some Research Before You Fucking Speak, I'm sick of people like YOU.

MatrixxGT2771d ago

Get em xxpillsxx. I got ps4 yesterday and tried remote play direct feed wich doesnt go very far but good enough in same room or next one over. Over wifi I can be in my garage which is built of cinderblock and played bf4 fine. I even took it 3 counties over to my work and played remote play there just fine. People see one video and think oh that sucks, even I could make that video. I can also make one showing me in the middle of my lake in my boat turn on wifi hotspot and play remote play just fine.

Lowsnamebrand2772d ago

Let's be honest I was expecting some lag and haven't really experienced any I am amazed of the quality of PS4 Vita remote play and once infamous comes world plus portable life=complete

taijutsu3632772d ago

If you could remote play games like killzone, knack, infamous, that would be PS VITA/PS4 FTW!!!!

theXtReMe12772d ago

You can remote play any game that doesnt use the camera, including all of those you listed.

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