PlayStation 4 How-To Guides

IGN has How-To answers for all your burning next-gen questions. Here are some useful PS4 How-To Guides on making the most out of your PS4 console.

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Eonjay2773d ago

One of the coolest and least documented features of the PS4 is its ability to send ALL Audio to the controller. This allows you to plug any standard headset, earbud, headphone into the controller. This is really cool if you want to play at night without bothering anyone. You can activate this in settings.

T22773d ago

That is cool but I already own pulse headset ... But if u had some high end headphones like skull candy would be cool

colonel1792773d ago

I love this feature! I will be able to stay up all night playing PS4 without bothering anyone. It's great it is there!

Although a lot of people will still prefer to connect their ultra super quality headphones via USB or Bluetooth, this feature would be great for them as an alternative.

NeoTribe2773d ago

They need to get the damn network going. Cant really even do anything with my damn system.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2772d ago

mine is working fine lol, i love it

Pogmathoin2773d ago

I do not understand, this is about PS4..... Loving KZ though.... But not used to seeing Maria posting anything other than xbox stuff....

Ray1862773d ago

How to re-download your games and addons would be nice to know.