PS4 GPU has 128 'Hidden' Stream Processors - 10% Increase in Gaming Power Could Be an Update Away

New information has surfaced which shows that the PS4 actually houses 1280 SPs instead of 1152 like everyone thought. Thats 128 SPs unaccounted for in the PS4 and an increase of 10% in gaming power just a Sony Update away.

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GarrusVakarian3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Lets hope it's option 3! 10% increase would be a nice power boost, especially later in the generation.

Secret sauce FTW!

codelyoko3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

:) So it would appear. Ditto.

abzdine3861d ago

proof more that this console is made to last.
well done Cerny

NewMonday3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

could be a redundancy thing

anyway the improvement going forward should come from cod optimization, GG said they can double the polygon count in the next game, also HSA is yet to be fully exploited, that should come with API updates.

saladthieves3861d ago

It could be also that they had initially planned to use all 1280 stream processors and then decided to disable them (for the moment) until maybe a firmware update later.

Interestingly though is how Sony never mentioned anything about this. They were confident enough that the available stream processors were more than enough.

Upcoming headline:

"XBONE GPU has 129 'Hidden' Stream Processors - 11% Increase in Gaming Power Could Be an Update Away"

pedrof933861d ago

This look like the Misterxmedia articles...


Enemy3861d ago

It's already 50% more powerful. This will only boost the power further. Tears await.

SilentNegotiator3861d ago

It's used for something. They didn't throw it in to add weight and I doubt that they threw it in for future use only.

ProjectVulcan3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

The most likely explanation is to improve yields. This is by far and away the most reasonable explanation and they wouldn't be 'reactivated' at any point, or it'll potentially kill countless machines.

You want every chip to come out perfect and run to spec voltage and clockspeeds, but they don't. So you target a voltage and speed a large percentage will run to.

You can also have a design with more than you need, and then in testing disable the clusters that may have problems so more chips reach spec required and pass QC.

Maybe only 50 percent of the chips made will hit the volts and clocks you want with 20 clusters enabled, but when you test them and can disable a couple weaker areas you could see 75 percent plus hitting spec. Redundancy will save you millions.

PS3 for example always had an SP disabled on it's CPU to improve the number of usable chips.

This is a very large die even by PC graphics standards, and most graphics cards sold are ones with clusters and areas of the chip disabled.

Even something like Titan had sections disabled, and they were all the best examples that were manufactured at the time

MRMagoo1233861d ago


They threw it in there for balance lol

starchild3861d ago

As usual, vulcanproject is right on the money.

ziggurcat3861d ago

@ pedrof93

Except this article is factual, and not some delusional rant about "sony lie" or "brainwash."

Consoldtobots3861d ago

these types of conversations will take a back seat to gameplay this gen. That's been Cerny's whole point in presenting the PS4. I have played both BF4 and Shadow Fall and BF doesn't even come close to the immersion in gameplay that shadowfall offers. HOLY CRAP does KZ:SF kick some major booty. Oh yeah on that token multiplats will be taking a backseat to Sony exclusives this time around too.

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Xwow20083861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

They are not hidden, ps4 gpu has 20 CUs and 2 of them are disabled to improve yields so we have 18 CUs*64(each compute unit have 64 stream processors) = 1152 .

Kayant3861d ago

Same as the XB1. Total 14.
12 active 2 disabled for yields.


Nothing to see here. PS4's secret sauce is GPGPU & huma?.

Xwow20083861d ago

True, GPGPU(especially with the customization sony gave to the gpu)+ huma will give massive advantage to ps4 in the future.

plus its funny when we get disagree for stating facts ;)

jtenma3861d ago


You both got disagrees but he got more because it looked like it favored the X1 to those who are uninformed.

It is crazy because you are both right, but N4G can't stand anything neutral or favoring X1.

SilentNegotiator3861d ago


No, it's because Kayant threw in that completely unnecessary "PS4's secret sauce is GPGPU & huma?" comment.

Kayant3861d ago


"it's because Kayant threw in that completely unnecessary "PS4's secret sauce is GPGPU & huma?" comment."

Really. oh well I guess Mark Cerny has been talking out of his ass for a while now /s

Huma is unconfirmed but likely which is why the question mark is there.

I don't get it all I said was what Mark Cerny has been talking about since the beginning that is GPU compute(GPGPU) that's one of PS4's advantages & it's sercet sauce apart from it's more powerful GPU.

AaronMK3861d ago


I would be very surprised if XBox One does not support DirectCompute.

Kayant3861d ago

Am not saying it doesn't but it wasn't built around it in mind to as the PS4 was. Read the article I linked the XB1 system architect admitted it. GPGPU is the main customisation that was done to the PS4's GPU. It's the thing Mark Cenry has been talking about for a long time now.

MRMagoo1233861d ago

anyone with tech knowledge knows that a couple years from now the gap between the 2 systems will be even wider because of the reasons Xwow2008 specified "True, GPGPU(especially with the customization sony gave to the gpu)+ huma will give massive advantage to ps4 in the future" Xbox one just wont be able to keep up with the ESram involved.

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ZBlacktt3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

This thing is so very fast now it's mind blowing over what we've known using the PS3 for years. Sync the trophies, bam done in like 2 seconds. Loading games and playing, bam 15, 20 seconds. Go in out of out the game is instant. Downloading content off the PSN. A 100 times faster. All of it is still odd to see since we are so used to it being very very slow. The features are all very good. I've already started making share videos.

Mystogan3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Speak for yourself, Our Xbox live downloads on the 360 were already superfast. Same goes for achievements. The other stuff are pretty obvious that they're going to be faster.

ZBlacktt3861d ago

Mystogan, seriously are you a troll or something? Who is talking about the XBox? I own a XBox 360 Kinect system. It's people like you who just need to go away from the gaming community. Try rereading what I wrote and you'll see I said PS3. Which is topic related unlike your comment.

andrewsqual3861d ago

So you can download GTA V, the BIGGEST game of the year by far on Xbox Live faster than PlayStation owners. BIGGEST = More Bandwidth.
If Xbox Live speeds couldn't match the speeds of my 30mb internet connection I would be worried (my PS3 one does that too so I have no idea what you are even talking about to begin with)
Do I really need to explain again how the 2 services are nowhere on the same level?

kneon3861d ago


My PS3 downloads from PSN were already lightning fast and always have been. I don't understand why people have speed issues but it's not their servers that's the problem. If it was then my downloads would also be slow.

hollabox3861d ago

What PSN are you guys downloading from? Just got the PS4 and Resogun took 4 hours to complete. I know the network is bogged down by so many activation, but historically my now old PS3 slim could only achieve 7-15 mbps or so on my 25 mbps connection while all other devices achieved full bandwidth. Making for slow a$$ game downloads from the PSN store compared to my other PCs, Mac book, and X360.

solidboss073861d ago

Imagine us all in 5 years cursing our PS4's and XB1's for taking too long, because we will be used to the speed by then and will be getting impatient again.