Hideo Kojima Praises PS4's Graphics and Ability to Connect Core and Social Gamers

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain director Hideo Kojima was at the PS4 launch event two days ago, and he has high expectations for the console.

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PSX042775d ago

finally kojima talking about Sony console

GamerXGATT2775d ago

in other news, the PS4 plays new games at higher infidelities... These guys with their praises act like technology doesn't evolve over time. The same thing happens in PC world "Ohh AMD XXX is AMAZING" every launch... So in the end its really just their way of being consumers and judging a product. Notice we do have corporate fanboys :D

Soldierone2775d ago

PC fanboys have upped their annoying game more than ever lately. If they were not behind a computer I probably would have punched some of them by now lol

ps4lifesucka2775d ago

where are all these PC fanboi? I hardly hear anyone on the pc side say anything other than praise for their set up... Every article has like thousands of trollers from the console side saying the most awful and hateful things ever and one dude says my pc has better graphics and everyone like dude wtf pc master race stfu gtfo what's wrong with you...

devilwillcry2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Can he praise my house that too is made out of bricks :)

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2775d ago

My PS4 works like it is supposed to and a small percentage became bricked. Hardly something you can use to take cheap shots at Sony and the PS4.

devilwillcry2775d ago

So its ok when sdf take cheap shots, secondly its not a small percentage but keep telling yourself that whatever helps you sleep at night. And thirdly you will know when iv asked for your opinion and stfu :)

EXVirtual2775d ago

@devilwillcry, did anyone ask for your opinion in your first comment? No. So please, don't be rude just because someone else is talking facts.
OT: I might not get Ground Zeroes just because of the fact that it'll probably be bundled with the Phantom Pain. Plus, the Phantom Pain will be the whole package.

Kryptix2775d ago

Apparently, every time a PS4 gets bricked, devilwillcry's alarm sounds off, he does mathematics, science experiments, and then he knows exactly the number of PS4s that got bricked.

Man, stop fooling yourself, the PS4 bricking is in a small percentage. It's happening, there's no denying about that, but if it was happening in a large quantity, N4G and many other websites would blow up about it. Bricking and having bugs are two different things. You must be one of the ignorant ones where when someone's product they bought with their hard earned money gets bricked, you laugh your ass off and show no sympathy.

strickers2775d ago

I had a look at Amazon US site. The most reviews on a bundle were 155( BF4). It was split at 3* with half either side ( slightly higher 1s than 5s). How many did Amazon sell? This is a tiny amount of complaints on a site the size of Amazon. Other bundles has sub 50 reviews with similar or better splits ( in favour of higher scores). Electronics have average fails of 3-5 % ish. If you can do maths, go work it out ;-)

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scott1822775d ago

Nice, another troll comment about the PS4 bricking, how many is that for you now?

devilwillcry2775d ago

Saying that kojima praise the ps4 after the ultimate troll move on launch night......promised hype anyone? Lol

HammerKong2774d ago

he is right they made us fool ,an extra mission what is shocking in it an misson will have nothing very important related to storry and one thing is this mission willl not going to be the best mission of the game that make me buy mgs5 on ps4 ,i'am buing both consoles this month only but will choose multiplats on that console which will give best experirnce to me and i'dont know any thing about it check it out when xb1 will reach my home and i will compare it to my ps4 ,which provides me best experience.

lordstark2775d ago

Well he did troll us real hard on the night of the event ,but I think he is going to make up for that as he was feeling the neg feedback from that corny announcement he did lol.

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