Knack Launch Trailer focuses on mankind’s unlikely hero

Yet another game for the PS4 is all set for its release; the trailer below shows how humanity must rely on the titular hero, who is but three feet tall but can transform into a mighty 30-foot creature of destruction by utilising ancient relics, to protect all from the goblin invasion.

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AltairvsEzio2770d ago

Played the demo at Gadget show 2013 in London, Earls Court exhibition center

cleft52769d ago

The game is simple, fun, and challenging. Not a ton of bells and whistles but what is there is very well done. Also, Jennifer Hale is one of the voice actress. The voice acting in general is good, it's a light hearted game. Not for everyone, but it's not a bad game.

kratos_TheGoat2769d ago

lmao this game is a joke lucky i got it from gamefly.... loving kz sf

WeAreLegion2769d ago

Loving it! I'm on my second play through. It's pretty addicting, honestly. Anyone who loves trying to find every little secret in a game will like this...especially on Hard Mode. :)

Cryptcuzz2769d ago

I got the full game, it is really fun and the graphics is awesome. A lot better graphics then when I played the demo at Gamestop. The game is also surprisingly hard as you can't simply smash your way through it. You got to plan out when to strafe and when to hit certain enemies. Overall a great and fun game with nice visuals. 8/10 for me.