Game Guys review - Knack

When you think of video game consoles it should come as little surprise that you may also think of their official or defacto mascots. Nintendo has Mario, SEGA had/has Sonic the Hedgehog, and Xbox: Master Chief. But when it comes to PlayStation, no one character comes to mind other than Crash Bandicoot: the abandoned face of the original PlayStation console from more than a decade ago.

Since then, Sony hasn't had much of a knack for finding that one family-friendly character with which to identify its consoles. Perhaps that's one of the reasons so much effort went behind the in-house developed adventure-platformer Knack. Suitably enough, some of those behind the original Crash Bandicoot games were also behind this title. Unfortunately, unlike the original PS' furry mascot, the artifact-assembled Knack might as well be headed for recycling.

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