Today in History: November 15th, 2001 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Arrives

Triverse writes, "Yesterday, we took a look at the second game in the Harry Potter series, Chamber of Secrets, and discussed the various ports and their strengths/differences. Today, the original game, Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone hit consoles, PC and portables. Though this time, we have a much more limited release schedule. PS2, Xbox and Gamecube versions are a good two years after this debut- it gets wild laying this out on a time line."

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MRMagoo1232768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


It wasnt also called philosophers, it was originally called philosophers but for the American public they changed the title, some ppl say its because it may be a hard word to pronounce some ppl say other things i have no clue what reason it was, have the original books right here next to me in my book shelf not one has sorcerers on it.

Nocando2768d ago

The title was Sorcerers Stone, although it was also called the philosopher's stone in the books.

SegaGamer2768d ago

In everywhere else but America it is known as Philosopher's stone. In my opinion it's an insult to America's intelligence to change the name.

triverse2768d ago

We added the International name due to a lot of our readers coming from countries other than North America, where it was known as Sorcerer's Stone. My apologies for any inconvenience this caused, it was just to help the article be more accessible to more of our readers.

MRMagoo1232768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Kinda odd it was changed in the first place, pretty much every country was happy with the original name of "harry potter and the philosophers stone" but once it was for the US the name had to be changed lol , i just dont get it.

@your comment below, kinda strange not knowing what a philosophers stone is tho right, i mean even my 9 year old knows what they where supposed to be and that it was kinda like an alchemists dream to make one.

triverse2768d ago

I read somewhere that the U.S. publisher felt the audience would not understand what a "Philosopher's Stone" was so they changed it to "Sorcerer's Stone" to have broader appeal.

TXIDarkAvenger2768d ago

I remember this game as a kid on PC. I think I still have it somewhere. I remember it being creepy as fuck or at least this guy (Peeves) gave me the creeps.

HaMM4R2768d ago

I really loved all these games when I was a kid. It really pisses me off that they completely fucked up 4,7,8. If they ever made a harry potter MMO, I would be there. I really need to install some of these games again and hook up my xbox to play these versions. I wonder if they are as I remember them. I really wish they would re-release the 1,2,3 console versions on PC, as they were the best. Maybe when it comes to the 10th anniversary I'll see something cool like that.