SCEE Refunds those who bought the wrong Variety Mappack

Heads up everyone.

As posted by Fourzerotwo on his blog, Sony updated the dlc's description with information wich gameversion you need to make the dlc's work and refunds those who bought the wrong mappack.

Quote from: SCEE
The Store has been updated so that each product states which BLES code it works with.

Furthermore, the forums have been updated to explain how the download works. The call centres have also been updated about how to handle this.

The Store team are refunding those who have the wrong match.

I hope this clarifies the steps that SCEE are taking to ensure the consumer has a successful and enjoyable experience with the map packs.

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Ghoul5626d ago

as much as i am pissed at sony with those problems, im allways pleased how fast and satisfying they solve such issues.

Apocwhen5626d ago

I don't think people know the full story of the problem here.
They are offering a refund to people because they were sold a faulty product that won't work with their version of COD4

Only the day after it was released did they change the description of the item on the store to say it was region locked.

What ended up happening is 1000's of people purchased the map pack and the could not play them.

Now they are offering a refund to people for this but these people (myself included) have no way to purchase the new maps.

The PSN store may be region free to access but using a CC to purchase is not. This means that if a person in Switzerland owns the German version of the game then they cannot purchase the map pack from the German Store and visa versa. There's thousands of people no longer able to puchase this map pack now. Plus the swiss get really screwed over. Even after they updated the store they still have the wrong region locked map pack on the store so IW/Sony have really messed up here big time.

barom5626d ago

Just be glad that they allow the games to be region free. No other home console has done this.

Apocwhen5626d ago (Edited 5626d ago )

If they're going to have the games region free don't you think the content to go with it should be region free too? afaik this is the first DLC on the PSN Store that is region locked.

Also it's not just a matter of regions, i.e. US, EU and JP. People within europe cannot get the content working with the game they've purchased as different EU discs have different codes on them. If you happen to have a code that's not the same as you're local store you're screwed basically.

Ghoul5626d ago (Edited 5626d ago )

ne need to educate me it was me who brought it to theyre forum in the first place.

and like i said im pissed about such problems but pleased how they fix it, ms would just tell me to stfu and buy it again.
Like they tell you to rebuy stuff when your harddrive dies.
At least sony allways came with a pleaseing solution

id didnt work with guitar hero tracks too

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Bazookajoe_835626d ago

Theres no more annoying thing than when a company makes a mistake and dont bother to fix it. Nice to see this aint such a case..

Defectiv3_Detectiv35626d ago (Edited 5626d ago )

I'm so bored w/ COD4 at this point I'm not even going to bother buying the map pack. I've already played the new maps for 360 at my bro's and the only one I really like is Broadcast.

Anyways, what is the deal w/ this game. I usually play HardcoreDM/S&D but it's so damn easy I get like 30 kills a round! That's almost 1/2 the points on my team. I don't know what the hell my team is doing.

I had one profile where I was ranked under 10,000 in kills (CTRLALTDESTROY). I started a new profile 3 months ago and I'm already ranked about 15000 for kills.

The only time my team loses is when I get some duechebag that goes like 1 and 15. So irritating.

I've gotten so bored that now all I do is mess around w/ c4 and try to stick it on enemies. Funny as hell!

Motion5626d ago

I don't have a PS3 yet, so I'm not sure how their marketplace works compared to the 360's, but why would there be different versions of the map pack?

Spinner5626d ago


Some guy in France owns the UK edition of CoD4, but buys the French mappack that doesn't work with his UK CoD4 ... so he has to buy the UK mappack.

Bazookajoe_835626d ago

This would then be the first, all dlc have been the same before (except pal and ntsc). Im not at home so i cant check it out, but from the looks of it you have to download for right country. This is wierd..

GutZ315626d ago

To Motion, the PS3 network is region free, so you can log onto areas that you are not in, so I(from the USA) can log into the japanese store, or the European, or hong kong, or anywhere basically.
And still download from there stores. The problems occurs when people download out side of the games region, so they have slight code differences.

darkstar5626d ago

Well, that's good there going to clear that up. I personaly became bored with COD 4 months ago on the 360, but for some reason I bought the maps any way. (strange) The maps are nice though.

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Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 servers are back online

The original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 games have been drawing players back in

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neutralgamer199267d ago

I really hope we get other activision games on GP soon. My dream would be Scarface but I know the license probably expired

P_Bomb67d ago

Love me some Scarface! I even bought the comics. Yeah, licensing would probably be an impasse.

4Sh0w67d ago

hmmm, coincidence? Either way this is a good sign for gamers after the ABK deal.

porkChop67d ago

I played through Scarface again last year and it still holds up. Such a fun game. I would love for Xbox to get the rights back to remaster Scarface and make a sequel. It sold well and they had plans for Scarface 2, 3, and 4. With how long it takes Rockstar to make games the market is wide open.

TheColbertinator66d ago

That game was so much fun. Expected a cheap GTA clone but it was a good drug empire building game.

shinoff218366d ago

They didn't just have plans but there's actual gameplay out there for scarface 2

neutralgamer199266d ago

Seriously man we need games like

True crime
Sleeping dogs
Watch dogs( more like original not legion)
And proper saints row

GTA can’t be the only option we need other games

P_Bomb66d ago

Gun was Activision as well. Nice open world Wild West there imo.

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SlothLordPootus66d ago

None of those games had dedicated servers on console in the first place? Were always player hosted. Did something change?