League of Legends Pre Season Draws Close

LumpySausage Writes: "So a few of us here at The Breakfast Squad like to play League of Legends, Yes I know quite lame. Anyways well season 3 is over now and the pre season for season 4 is about to begin. I cannot wait especially with all of these changed that they are going to be adding to the game. Riot has come a long was since League was first released. I will be quoting some of the changes that they are making and will also be including a video at the end that mostly wraps everything up!"

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I_am_Batman2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

So many exciting changes to vision, supports and jungle I can't wait. However I fear that supports might become a bit op now.

PurpHerbison2775d ago

Support won't be OP. And only able to have 3 wards out at a time? Team better be helping ward late game. Supports won't be able to put the ward game on their back anymore.

I_am_Batman2775d ago

That's exactly why it is helping supports. They won't have to spend their whole money on wards. Also every champ gets trinket slot where he can put a ward for free. Items like the philosopher's stone give supports money from every minion their adc kills and they'll get additional gold with every assist. All that means that supports will get much more gold then ever before. I really like that changes even though they'll probably need to get rebalanced a couple of times.

PurpHerbison2775d ago

It's not going to make support OP though. Sure it might take some tweaking to get it just right but we will finally start seeing some more CORE support items. Which supports should of had anyway but were forced into spending all their money on wards. They are trying to get the support role where it should be. It was very underplayed in S3 due to the meta.