5 Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 4 Now, 5 Reasons Not To | Time

Time "If you stood in line last night (and yesterday, and possibly the day before) to pick up a system, I hope you stayed warm, and I hope you got what you came for. There’s nothing worse than waiting and walking away empty-handed — it’s happened to me more than once."

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HelpfulGamer2420d ago

February 22, 2014 PS4 Japanese Launch can't wait! :D

Agent20092419d ago

Have a good time waiting, my Japanese brother.

lets_go_gunners2419d ago

Greatness isn't here yet but it will. Uncharted, Infamous, Deep down, planetside 2 whatever sony bend is working on..When it gets here, Oh lord.

Agent20092419d ago

If Sony's Bend working on the next-gen Syphon Filter, I swear I'll bust a nut!

In fact, I'll jerk off now!

Ricegum2419d ago

Rabid Xbox One fans everywhere, disagreeing with everything.

SpinalRemains1382419d ago

They have nothing to play ATM.

You can only move your furniture and pet baby animals so much.

dcj05242419d ago

Lol I read:" 4 reasons to buy a playstation 5"

colonel1792419d ago

I'm going to wait if there is a inFamous Second Son bundle. I can't buy the PS4 yet, so I hope there is one, or another interesting bundle by the time I can buy it.

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