Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade Will Feature Nintendo Characters

If you’ll be attending Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade on Sunday Nov. 17 2013 (or are coming to town to enjoy it). Old-Jolly-St.Nick will be joined by Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong on their own float…for the first time ever!

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JuleyJules2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Fantastic and a great idea from Nintendo! This parade is huge here!!! More than 750K people & mostly kids in attendance. The weather might help too if it rains the tent will be even more popular to try out Wii U games!

Yep2765d ago

They were there last year as well, but it was probably less of a success considering they didn't have many first party titles to show off.

JuleyJules2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It'll be time for Super Mario 3D World as the kids will be watching the parade!!