Video Shows Killzone: Shadow Fall Played on PSVita Via Remote Play while Journey is Played on the TV

Sony Computer Entertainment UK released a new video showing Killzone: Shadow Fall played on the PS Vita via Remote Play from PS4, while the TV is switched over to a PS3 to play Journey.

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rajman2433d ago

For a second I thought it was 2 games running on the PS4, then realised they just switch over to another HDMI port to play the PS3

Abriael2433d ago

That'd be awesome, also quite impossible lol.

GentlemenRUs2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Not Impossible ;)

PS4 would have needed a standalone vita chip for remote-play.

DoomeDx2433d ago

^ Making it impossible because its not there. wiseass :p

Bathyj2433d ago

That's what I thought, I was like WHAAAAT?

Sarcasm2433d ago

Extremely misleading title

ABizzel12433d ago

I know, I though you could play two games at one time :(

I do want to see co-op with one person on the PS4 and the other on the Vita. Any footage of that up yet, so confirmed it was possible.

SmokeyMcBear2433d ago

god damn misleading headline!!!!!

jakmckratos2433d ago

that's not really impressive at all.