Take A Look At How Easy It Is To Enter Codes On The PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 has been officially launched in North America. A few days before the launch, Sony released an app for the smartphones which will allows you to browse new content, message PSN friends or even connect to your PlayStation 4.

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Mikelarry2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

hey i would b the first to say it i wouldnt mind if they "lift" that idea of scanning your code like ms did with the new ps camera

MajorAly2425d ago

Actually you won't be the first ;)
Many hope that Sony should do the same and QR Code scanning isn't hard. Even simplest of smartphones can scan a code.

Sony should really implement it.

Mystogan2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

This is really not that fast... And you can do this on Xbox 360 already with smartglass, misleading title.

Lovable2425d ago

I like the kinect scanning better as well.

Sitdown2425d ago

Why did he even mention swype? Good luck trying to put a code in with swype.

JackStraw2425d ago

because he said it wasn't just codes? think.

rainslacker2425d ago

I wouldn't mind it either. Every 12 digit code seems to have that one letter that you always miss the first time. Like a 0 is really a D. And N is really an H.

Also seems that you have to put the dashes in when entering on the PS4, and use capital letters. Maybe it's because I put in the first couple codes wrong, but it wouldn't work until I did that. Holding L2 keeps the letters in uppercase mode.

Ju2425d ago

Or ... with a QR scanner with your phone - and ship it over to the PS4 (like with the app). But yes, and camera support as well.

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ZBlacktt2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Taking time out to eat.... Just wanted to say this machine is simply brilliant. Everything about it is worlds ahead of where we've been on a console thus far. Sp fast, so friend and yet still all very much Playstation.

TheDarpaChief2425d ago

Its a beautiful thing man. I got a perfect system thank god. I love it

Boody-Bandit2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

mine too.
No problems at all.
Played all night and most of the day. Took a power nap and I'm getting ready to do another marathon gaming session. This system is incredible. So fast and accessible.

Lwhit62425d ago

Hey bro let's play battlefield together!

admiralvic2425d ago

It's nice, though you were always able to use a bluetooth or USB keyboard on the PS3...

Boody-Bandit2425d ago

1 of the first things I did was sync my keyboard to the PS4. Works flawlessly.

DigitalRaptor2425d ago

The fluidity of the second screen experience and Vita remote-play functionality is simply amazing. It's just so rapid and easy to use. This whole interface is slick and rapid.

nevin12425d ago

I don't find that fast.

trenso12425d ago

yea using my usb keyboard on ps3 was faster

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The story is too old to be commented.